Has Anyone Had Spotting Bleeding While Pregnant

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monnavee - February 9

Just curious to see if anyone has had spotting or bleeding early on in their pregnancy? I started to spot yesterday and the spotting has started again today. I'm technically due for af today but this feels different than a nornaml af. I tested once back in Jan and got a bfn. Was waiting to see if af was going to show up before I tested again. Not sure if this is af or not. Any ideas? If I am then I would be about 7 weeks or so.


juliana - February 9

i think you can, but i agree that it may be a little lighter than usual, but then again u never know, like yesterday i started bleeding but i was very light so i thought i was about to get my period but today its the same!! so i hoping i am pregnant, what do yall think?? oh and i' ve been having all the symptoms im 18 and my mom even thinks im pregnant, she was'nt to happy....


Erin1979 - February 9

I had bleeding when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. It didn't feel like a period, and turned out to be a bacterial infection (called BV, very common during pregnancy). My friend did not know she was pregnant for 3 months because she had regular bleeding "about" the time her period should arrive. She was pretty shocked when she was actually preggo.


crackersforme - February 9

Erin....did you notice a different odor since you had BV with the bleeding?


Cerendipy - February 9

I had it right after I got my BFP, and then a couple days after that for a day. It was brown, and very light, and the Dr. said it was fine so long as it was not red and I had no cramps. If you really want to know if you are pregnant, take a test, if your AF is past due, a test should be accurate now.


monnavee - February 10

Hi all! I've had the brown spotting with no cramps for the past 2 days. AF was due today but I started spotting yesterday. I think that I am going to test on Sunday. I'm going to wait another day to see if turns into anything more.


Erin1979 - February 10

Crackersforme....No I didn't notice anything other than the bleeding (but I did have a full tummy feeling and back pain almost like when you get a bladder infection or UTI). Normally it has a "fishy" smell. The doctor misdiagnosed it as a UTI, but did a culture. 3 days later they called me and told me to come back in and get a new script. Good Luck!


Kelsey - February 10

I'm having some very light bleeding right now too. No cramping, and the blood isn't coming out, it's just there if that makes any sense. Ahh, I pray that I am pregnant, my DB and I want this so badly before he goes to Iraq again :(



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