Has Anyone Had Symptoms 5 DPO

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Amy - November 21

I had mild cramping at 1-3 DPO, but now it's kind of gone away. Not much CM either, just not sure if I have a chance this month. Wanted to compare notes with someone


abp - November 21

hello i am 7dpo and i am not feeling anything but a little sick to my stomache i am also dry?? dont know if it is my month either so i am in the same boat as you..when is af due?


Laura - November 21

Gosh Lisa, you're just miss negativity. How do you know it's too early yet? I read another post where you shot someone down about wondering. Isn't having hope what keeps us trying every month when we're so exhausted and tired of thinking we're pregnant? Maybe you should read some inspirational books, might give you less negative att_tude


To Lisa - November 21

I suppose that when you are/were trying to conceive any little thing didnt get your attention. I am already pregnant and I try to be a little more sensitive to those who are trying because I have been there before too. To Amy, I barely had any cm until after I got my bfp. Good luck to all of you!


J. - November 21

Hi Amy. I'm, I believe, 6dpo and have not had any major symptoms yet. This morning though I did come down with flu like symptoms. My body is aching and some say it could be a sign. I also have off and on twinges in my abdomen. Good Luck.


I agree with Lisa - November 21

Boy, you people just don't want to hear the truth, do you. We aren't being negative, we just don't believe in giving false hope to someone. I am seven weeks pregnant, and I only started having symptoms four days ago. There is no way you could feel symptoms at 1 - 3 dpo! If you don't want everyone's opinions, then don't ask your question on a forum!


Jen - November 21

Oh please, everyone is different. I've read in many women's pregnancy journals online from symptoms they had from day 1. Just because one woman doesn't have symptoms till later doesn't mean we ALL do. Amy, the cramping could mean pregnancy, but is there a chance that you are ovulating Right now? I've heard women describe they get cramps when they are ovulating.


to amy - December 6

hi amy if u r there do tell us what happened did u get af or bfp a i am also sailing in same boat cramps 5 dpo what shud i think


CTG - December 13

You can get early pregnany symptoms starting DPO. There are plenty of sites that will tell you that as well as obgyn's. It all depends on the individual. Some women feel things right away because they know their body so well and others just don't feel a thing until 14+DPO. The only way to really tell that you're PG is by a positive pregnancy test. Other symptoms include: - nausea (morning sickness which you can get at night or any time of day) - sore b___sts (which is usually one of the earlier signs) - cramping - bloating - dizziness or headaches - light bleeding (1 - 2 days, usually likght pink or brown and between 8 - 14DPO - this may be Ovulation bleeding) It's very hard to tell because the early pregnancy symptoms are very similar to PMS Symptoms. Best of luck!


pinkie12 - June 16

Hi girls im about 5 dpo and getting period like pains and tingly feeling in my b___bs the pain is near my pelvis really feels like my periods is coming but not due for a week and half has anyone expereinced this also I noticed white cm in my nickers like snot sorry tmi


newbaby2009 - June 18

Im 7 weeks preg and my symptoms started at the day after i conceived. My BBs became very sore and i started to fill like AF was coming 2 weeks early. I knew it was pregnancy bc my BBs done get sore before AF, they did however w my previous pregnancies.


kiliki1024 - June 18

Pinkie, I have had the exact same symptoms as you. My af isn't due until Monday. I'm dying to test soon, but I know I need to wait a little longer....


RobinK - March 12

Actually, that is medically FALSE. I am an RN, and have had 3 children and 3 m/cs, and I knew with every single one of them VERY early. Not all women have early signs, and some women have none at all during the first wks. Sry, we can't help it if you're not in tune with your own body! Early signs can range from: *Heightened sense of smell *Odd taste in your mouth (metallic usually), or increase in saliva *Felling b___st fullness, having nipples that seem constantly erect and noticing more prominent veins *Lower abd cramping or twinges of pain *Food aversions, even if you're hungry you may not be able to think of anything that sounds good (or, what you want may seem silly, aka cravings) *Increase in blood flow to the uterus and early changes can cause burning or discomfort with urination, may also cause increased frequency as well These are but a FEW signs women can experience as early as 3-5 dpo. Before YOU shoot someone else down, you really should educate yourself a bit more. I have worked with many pg women in OB, ICU, ER and Med/Surg. Not all women have identical s/s and some have more than others. Frankly speaking, just feeling like you are pg is considered a subjective sign that you may be. If the orginal poster "feels" like she is pg, who are you to tell her that she "CAN'T" at 1-3 dpo? You need some sensitivity training, a little tact and if you "can't" get either I find duct tape to be VERY effective!


RobinK - March 12

Previous comment intended for "I agree with Lisa"


Jezebel - March 12

RobinK this is a dead thread. 'i agree with lisa' posted in 2005.


supmama - March 13

may be a dead threat, but RobinK you've made my day! haha. duct tape.... women, gotta love em! your post was also incredibly informative to me, as i am wondering if i could be feeling symptoms 8dpo. :)


AbitQueasy - December 20

I really appreciate the medical standpoint, but also the willingness to hope and believe that everyone is different! :) I'm 5 dpo, and my tummy troubles are quite different than usual. Fortunately, my husband listens to me blab on about all the questions I look up and others answers I like/dislike. :) Thanks everyone!



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