Has Anyone Had Symptoms 5 DPO

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AbitQueasy - December 20

I really appreciate the medical standpoint, but also the willingness to hope and believe that everyone is different! :) I'm 5 dpo, and my tummy troubles are quite different than usual. Fortunately, my husband listens to me blab on about all the questions I look up and others answers I like/dislike. :) Thanks everyone!


crystaltears83 - July 19

I guess the topic isn't dead so long as someone comes along every once in a while and posts something lol


RobinK - July 20

It's funny...my early symptoms with every single pregnancy have been different, just like every woman's symptoms can be different from each other. I knew at 5 dpo that I was pg again bc I got a "cold sore" type sore by my nose, which I only get if I have a cold (which I don't) or when my immune system is in the tank (which it was, due to early pg). Sure enough, when I tested 5 days later...a BFP!


nbetty - January 11

Well I was having some period problems, i am only 24 years old and before jan 2010 my periods were always heavy with alot of cramps. I have been pregnant twice before, first pregnancy at 21 years old, which was an accident with my ex bf nd he was a a**hole and my lifestyle wasnt right, it wasnt fair to bring a baby into the world, 8 weeks gone and I ended up having the baby terminated (regretfully)... second pregnancy when I was 22 with my husband before we got married, again accident but we were going to keep the baby, unfortunately I miscarried at 4 weeks, it implanted then miscarried straight away. But, my first pregnancy I thought I was just coming down with something or my period was about to come on, until I spotted for 3 days then I woke up feeling sick, dizzy and high temp, took the test it was a faint positive and got it confirmed with a doctor. When I felt preggo second time, I had different signs but some signs screamed preggo at me, the familiar metal taste and sometimes I could smell metal, foods tasted different, small surges or dizziness and feeling woozy and bloating. Then the new symptom I had was fatigue (always tired and exhausted), tingey pain or tingle in my b___bs just before I spotted then I miscarried but the test showed a faint positive for 2 weeks then the scan confirmed I miscarried. Now 24 years old, since Jan 2010 my periods are lighter than they used to be, havent been on the since 2008 (my periods regulated themselves after that) each flow varies - every flow is medium for 2 days then lighter afterwards but duration varies, shortest my periods ever lasted was 3 days longest one since jan 2010 is 5-6 days. My periods used to last 7 days and they used to be clockwork regular every 29/30 days per month. Now they range between 25 - 30 days ... they can be unpredictable. Went to doctor about it, they said it could be stress and its definately hormonal. It took them 12 months to check my bloods, they checked my thyroid, gluecose, testosterone, full blood count and urea and electrocytes, everything came back ok according to the gp and that was recently. They think its because I am now 24, I am at peak feritility and my periods might be just settling down? and also because I am still ovulating it isnt a big concern. My hubby and I have now started trying, and because my periods are unpredictable I bought a months supply of clearblue digital ovulation testing kit and a basal body thermometer and I have been recording everything. My basal temp started off 35.8C during my period, which I thought, hang on a min, thats low but everyone is different, then went up between 36.06C - 36.30C depending on my sleep patterns because sometimes I work nights aswell as days and taking into account disturbed sleep etc. I had no LH surge up until 13th day since my last period. Basal body temp was gradually dropping on 12th and 13th day then rose back up again on 14th day, although it didnt rise up alot, i noticed that must of been the ovulation spike. on the morning on 13th day since my last period, ovulation test was negative, me and hubby had unprotected s_x that evening then 1 hour later I got out of bed and I didnt feel right, this will sound bizarre but I got the taste in my mouth and a twinge down below, went to the bathroom and done another ovulation test, it came up positive with a smiley face!!! I was happy because it detected my LH, so I was ovulating, prior to this, me and hubby had unprotected s_x everyday since my period had finished right up until 15th day since last period, but not on 12th day. I was on the night shift on 13th day I felt sharp twinges in my abdomen and my cervix was pulsating, still having the odd pregnancy feeling etc and then I ended up getting the odd twinge and tingle in my b___bs, dont know if this is all psycological or not, I feel bloated, i was constipated but not today, I havent really had my thick egg white discharge yet and its 16 days since last period today, still getting the odd twinges and tastes, dont know what to make of it ... my basal temp yesterday was 36.33 and this morning it was 36.25, so a slight drop but its still above the coverline as far as I know. So I am going to try and hold out until later on next week to do a hpt (clearblue digital). But because of the changes in my periods I dont know if that has affected how fertile I am, my doctor said I can still get pregnant with a light period and it should still be successful. Just thought I would share this :-) good luck all


nbetty - January 11

oh and my basal body temp was taken orally, sometimes I breathe and sleep with my mouth open so that can affect the readings lol


TTC for 4yrs - January 18

Hello... i'm only 3dpo and can't wait to have my first prg sign. I've been ttc for 4 yrs.. my husband had a varicoselectomy because of low sperm count... i had the test where they inject coloured saline in your tubes and turns out i'm ok... endless appointments to the doc... I just can't wait anymore.. If anyone has suggestions or comments please write back and whish me luck...


dallas.nicole - August 23

Google "early pregnancy factor". Those of us who feel symptoms 1-2 dpo are NOT crazy on a bfp month. I feel sorry for those who are not in tune with their bodies. I am 5dpo but I know I am pregnant this month. I knew it with my beautiful, laid to rest Evangeline as well.. obviously ended in fetal demise but I knew at 4dpo. Had slight, mild symptoms which were odd. Us TTC symptom spotters are NOT insane.


TM mum - February 27

Hey hope this helps anyone. I looked at loads of these websites and forums when we first started TTC. It took us over 5 months when I came off ' the patch' and I'm now 26 weeks pregnant with a little girl :) I doc_mented my 'symptoms' for a those 5 months which i reocmmend everyone who's really TTC to do as you understand your cycle and i could then tell what symptoms were in fact signs that AF was on the way. Anyway my symptoms for when i was in fact pregnant: - 5 DPO - I woke up in the middle of the night as it felt like someone was pressing down into my belly b___tom. I had NEVER felt this before. - 8 DPO - nipples sore when shower water hit them, definitely a bit more sensitive. - 10 DPO - had a moment of light headedness. -11 DPO (4 days before AF due) had a faint BFP on preg stick!!! - 12 DPO (3 days before AF due) had a stronger BFP on preg stick! And this day i think i experienced implantation pains as i had period pain like symptoms - 13 DPO (2 days before AF due) I used a digital pregnancy test which showed posistive :) Only then did my DH believe me as he couldn't believe the faint BFP lines were a strong enough indication. Anyway how that helps and good luck to everyone who's trying!! x



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