Has Anyone Seen An RE Clomid

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snickelfritz - May 8

DH and I are hoping to ttc next cycle and will only have two months to get pg before he's gone for 23 weeks. So, I really need to ovulate well during those two months. My problem is that I've had really short cycles lately that have been anovulatory (sp?). I haven't O'd since my last loss. I will be seeing a fertility specialist soon and am wondering if he might go ahead and put me on clomid or if he would insist on watching my cycles for a few months first. I'm a charter (have been for months) but haven't temped the last two cycles (first was 12 days, second 8 days... temps wouldn't have mattered) or this cycle (about a week long so far, but have been spotting and cramping already). Anyway, I'm hoping he can go ahead and start me on Clomid since we don't have any time to waste and I certainly need help o'ing now. TIA for your experiences or opinions here!!


Twinmom2be - May 8

It will all depend on your dr. My friend had a m/c and then her dr put her on clomid after only 1 month of trying. If anything just tell them you have been charting. I wish you luck.


twotimesthecharm - May 8

Snicklefritz, I don't know if you heard of Soy as a natural form supplement to Clomid, but it is just as effective as taking Clomid. Here's a note that I found on Soy. Soy Isoflavens are a natural plant derived photoestrogen, which is an anti-estrogen, just like clomid. Both are also known as SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators). It works by fooling your body into thinking that its estrogen levels are low. This causes your body to release more FSH & LH which help to stimulate follicle production (same as clomid). You take it like clomid on CD 1-2, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8 or 5-9. It will not cause infertility if only taken for 5 days at a time prior to . There is not much information available on it, because it is "natural", not patented by the pharmaceutical companies. Also, most women do not experience any side effects as that of Clomid. I took Soy for the 1st time this cycle I had a very strong and early ovulation. I hope it yields a BFP. I will be testing on Wed, especially with temps like I have been having. I look in the chart gallery and a person had the same temp pattern and got a BFP at 8DPO. I will be testing at 9DPO. I hope this information helps. Here's my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/Sugabear


Keeli - May 8

I have PCOS, so have trouble with ovulation also. I tried clomid with an RE for about 6 months. It seems to help some women, but didn't help me. It dried me up too much. I too am trying the soy for the first time ever! Like twotimes said, I just took it for 5 days early in my cycle. Its not good to take throughout your cycle, so don't use it like a vitamin.


snickelfritz - May 8

Thanks... I'll have to look into that. I'm really hoping for the Clomid under the supervision of the RE though.



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