Hate My Body And It Appears To Hate Me

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ivy - January 17

TTC for over a year. Had huge tumor removed age 16 - lost ovary and fallopian tube. Husband appears to have low motility... unsure why. Hopeful of positive preg test, but it never happens, and likely never will. 2 HPTS tell me neg, even though we timed it right, and I have sore bbs, spotting for 7 days, and very irritable. I;ll never get preg. I hate my body. It hates me. Anyone else hate themselves because cant have baby


emma - January 17

i know what you mean Ivy. It just seems impossible sometimes, maybe the whole 'don't focus on it' theory is the right kinda att_tude but I don't think I'm capable of managing that any time soon! Poor you, at least we're not alone, a lot of women on the site are in the same situation, try the trying to conceive forum, maybe they'll help brighten your spirits? I swear if one more girl posts 'Oh my gosh i'm PREGNANT!!!!!' I will cry and cry and never look at the site again! I don't hate them just feel miffed it isn't me... once again. xxcuddlesxx


ivy - January 17

Thanks emma... I have also tried the ttc forum as well. I swear, some days I could possibly back over all the pregnant women I see!! (not really... and would soooo never actually do this)... but I definately do start sobbing! So easy for some people!! So unattainable for me.


Susan - January 17

Hi Ivy, I definitely know how you feel. We've been TTC for six months and it is very hard to see pregnant woman or women with babies. My sister has a nine month old and though I love him dearly, it can be hard to be around him right after AF rears her ugly head yet again. I am trying to "be positive" and "relax" but it is enough to drive a woman insane sometimes. Hang in there!!


C - January 18

I have two children already, and I can tell you that getting pregnant with them was 'Easy' once me and my now(ex) hubby decided to just let our 's_x drives' to the 'Talking'. If you know what I mean.....(like two teenagers in lust) I have had friends tell me they used 'reverse' psychology and that worked for them. They 'pretended' that getting pg was something they didn't want. They didn't take precautions, but their mindset about the s_x was different, and a lot less stressful. I know it sounds corny, but in my opinion, almost ANYTHING is worth trying when you want something bad enough. ******Baby Dust To You All***** May God Bless you with as many children as you can handle....


TO IVY - January 18

You need to pray. GOD has a plan for us all. Maybe he isn't ready for whatever reason for you to have a child. Also pray that you will not HATE everything so much, be thankful for what you have and pray for what you don't have. Good luck.



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