Hate Waiting

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waitinggame - November 6

So im 35, 2 children in my 20's, and trying for another for almost 2 yrs. Did all the tests for fertility and even made sure tubes were open and DH sperm healthy...and 3 months later mc at 5 weeks. Doc says no reason i shouldn't be pg. Now is 6 mon later. Hit ov right on, light pink spotting, nausea, fatigue, peeing alot, sore br___ts, temp up, and still 6 days until af due. Hate waiting. Scared to have another disappointment.


nickay - November 7

I agree the waiting is just horible. I am 6 days late, and had those feeling coming and going from time to time. However, took 5 test and all Neg.. they say to early to tell. good luck to you! :)


mjvdec01 - November 7

I am 4dpo and this is our 3rd month ttc. I have a digital fertility monitor so I know I ovulated on the 3rd. We'll see I guess. I got pregnant with my daughter who is now 21 months on the first try. I wish I could just sleep through the next 10 days.


poechrisk - November 9

I know! I hate waiting too! We've been ttc number 1 for 6 months. But, I'm feeling pretty optimistic this morning. Woke up with some symptoms. Is that how it happens? You just wake up with symptoms? I'm 4 dpo and the next 2 weeks are going to be torture. I can tell you that! I'll pray for you! What I do each month is ignore all things baby related. If I focus too much on baby/pregnancy stuff the time seems to pa__s sooooo slowly. Luckily I have some exams and homework to grade for my students. Maybe that'll get me through. Anything work related you can throw yourself into?


Eleysse - November 9

I have a question actually!! I think I might be experiecing implantation bleeding. My cycle is to start 11/14 yesterday I thought my cycle was starting a whole week early but all it was was little droplets and since then when I pee and whipe there is a tiny bit of light pinkish color!



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