Have A Great Weekend

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frozenfeet - January 13

Hi Ladies - I'm leaving for the weekend (hockey road trip to Prince Edward Island) but I will be back on Monday in which I think that I might test, I'm not too sure yet. I'll be at 11 dpo. My temp went up today from 97.36 to 98.03.....trying not to read into anything..just go with the flow. All the same symptoms as yesterday, bleeding gums, metallic mouth, frequent peeing, and HUGE sore bb's ( usual for me....but it's a different kind of soreness). So, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of bding, oing and BFP!!! ~Sarah (home/frozenfeet)


frozenfeet - January 15

Hey everyone - well, here's the update. I said that I might test today but I'm chicken. My temps were up this weekend still....98.03 and 98.27 but were back down a bit today to 97.99. If my temp was still up there, I might have tested...but I want to see what tomorrow brings. It's still a bit early....11 dpo...and I feel like my signs are disappearing. I don't know...just have to wait and see. Hope everyone else is good!!! ***Baby Dust***


Michelle_in_PDX - January 15

frozenfeet! I think your chart looks great, girl! You should test! My DH and I are big hockey fans--he plays in some adult recreational leagues in Portland--he is from Buffalo so we are HUGE Sabres fans. Keep positive, and test!!


VenusdiMilo - January 15

Frozenfeet, I think your chart still looks promising...stay positive :-)


lissica - January 15

Frozen..can't wait to see what tomorrows temp brings!


fara - January 18

hi frozen..ru there?? at 11dpo u had all the symptoms? n in the end u got a bfp! yay!! that means it is possible to have symptoms even before testing.. hmm..


frozenfeet - January 18

Hi Fara - I had a surge of symptoms between 3-8 dpo and then just a few that seemed to stick. I noticed that my gums were bleeding and my mouth tasted like metal most of all!! So yes....you can def. have symptoms before even being close to being able to test! GL


fara - January 18

3dpo.. wow. well ive been pg before but lost my baby at 11 weeks..i had symptoms frm 8dpo..n i just knew i was pg..



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