Have All The Signs But Still Getting Neg Results HELP

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momtobeIhope - January 13

Missed my menstral in Dec. Starting Jan took a hpt and it showed neg. On the 4th of Jan started getting signs like tenderness and almost electric shock feeling in br___ts, sick in the mornings and after I eat. Strong sense of smell, moodyness and very emotional, pulling feeling on both sides of stomach around inner hip area's. Signs keept getting stronger, so took another hpt on the 6th or 7th of Jan still neg. took another on the 10th of Jan still neg. I went to the Dr.'s and they did a blood test and urine test. The dr just called saying my results look good other than my urine showed up 1% white blood cell count highter than normal. But it was neg. Why am I getting all these signs like I am if the tests show not. Could I have just missed my cycle in Dec and have become preg since and it is to early to show yet. I am so confussed. I have been trying to get preg for 4 months now and finally thought I was but can't confirm it, Dr's tell me to wait 2 more weeks and check again. Help if you have any answers for me.


kat - January 13

some people just have low hcg,and dont test pos till 3 months preg,just wait abit longer then test again,good luck.


jd - January 13

don't know if this will help or not, but i had a similar thing happen to me last spring. had all the signs and my period just totally missed a month. went to my doctor and she tested...a negative, but i had all the signs you mentioned. well, come to find out, i had a cyst on my ovary about the size of a golf ball. apparently that can confuse the body. and either make the body think it is pregnant or it treats the cyst like an infection (ups your white blood cells) and makes you feel sick, as it throws your hormones off. i hope that this is helpful and not discouraging....and not writing to worry you, just thought i could share my experience. best of luck! ~jd


k - January 14

Hi MomtobeIhope, Dont get to disheartened just yet i am going through the same thing as you except my periods are really abnormal have all the signs and my belly seems to be gettin bigger not fat tho as ive lost a stone in weight. all my tests have come back negative but im going with what my body is tellin me as I know my body better than anyone else x



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