Have I Miscarried Someone Help Me Please

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Angie - March 29

Found out I was pregnant on March 10th. Blood levels were at 200. A week later went to the dr. for blood work and levels were at 1644. Two days later the did blood work again and the levels had dropped to 1442 and nurse told me that it wasnt a healthy pregnancy. Started spotting on Sunday and on Monday was cramping and passed a tiny blood clot. Today went back to the dr. because they wanted to do an ultrasound. They didnt do one, but now I have slight cramps and no bleeding. I dont know for sure if I have miscarried or not because I had one before and I wasnt as far along and was in total gut wrenching pain. This time I had hardly no pain at all and couldnt even tell I had passed anything. They are doing another Hcg level test to make sure they are going down. Is it possible that maybe I didnt miscarriage and still am pregnant. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and the cramping and bleeding wasnt even as bad as a normal period for me. Thanks girls.


Angie - March 29

Someone please answer me.. I need help.


amy - March 29

i am very sorry to hear of this due to me going through the same thing 2 times, but HCG levels dropping are never a good sign, i would call back and demand them to do the ultra sound to see if they find a heart beat, and if you have more bleeding go to the emergancy room as soon as possible. again i am sorry to hear of this i hope my answer helped


Jena - March 29

I'm really not sure... if you had one before and it felt completely different than it'd be easy to think that maybe you haven't miscarried (yet?). If your hCG levels are dropping, that's not a good sign... I only know everything there is to know about hCG bc my levels are too low right now, too. I was a 2 -then a 12 - and now a 214 - so I'm jumping but it's still so low... So I've been studying all about hCG. When do you have your next blood test? I haven't heard much about levels dipping and then climbing again - I can't imagine what you are going through - I tear up when I think that I am only "slightly" preggo. It makes you realize how much some people take getting pregnant for granted... best of luck to you - I'm sorry I can't really answer your question, but I hope you have your next blood test soon to put your mind to rest either way. good luck :).


Angie - March 29

Jena I had a blood test done today instead of the ultrasound. The waiting is just killing me. I'm worried that they are gonna push me for a D&C and my baby might still be alive. My sister in law had a friend from work that the same thing happened to. She had some kind of cell disease and they didnt know about it and wanted her to have a d&c. Come to find out she now has a beautiful 3 month old baby girl. I'm really trying not to get my hopes up, but I feel like I've never wanted anything so bad in my life. I have two beautiful children and had my tubes tied, then to find out again that I'm pregnant was a real shocker, but never would wish this would happen. I dont understand the phrase everything happens for a reason. What was the reasoning behind me getting pregnant after a tubal ligation and then god taking my baby. I'm sorry to vent I'm just going out of my mind. I guess tomorrow I will know for sure what is going on it just seems like tomorrow isnt getting here fast enough. I'm sorry for your situation and I'm wishing you the best of luck. Stay positive and baby dust to you.


louise - March 30

sweetheart, u may not even be miscarrying. apparently, dont quote me on this its just something i was told, after thr 16th week, hcg is apparently not present in the body anymore, so it may just be you got to that stage or are further along then yuo thought. when i miscarried, it gusehed out of me, it basically just fell, there was blood everywhere and lots of blood clots, a bit of bleeding may just mean you have a polyp or summin, and you may just need to have a st_tch put in your uterus if this is the case. im not trying to get your hopes up but stress in pregnancy can cause horrible effects so try to relax, im guessing you have your results. dont go for a d&c unless its threatening to your life, because its horrible and your body , if it is gonna miscarry, would do it naturally most of the time. look after yourself


kw - March 30

So angie have you gotten your results back from the dr. I sure hope everything is okay.... your in my prayers.


layla - March 30

Sorry, I don't have any opinion to give on this but keep us posted on your blood test results. Good luck!


KT - March 30

I am with Amy. Demand an U/S. I am not trying to scare you by telling you this but when I started to miscarry, I first started spotting. DR told me to go in to the hospital only if I got cramping, but until then, be on bedrest. I got the cramping. So, I went in. The hospital wouldn't do anything but give me vicadin for the cramping and then tell me that since I saw the baby's heartbeat, there is only a 1% chance of miscarrying. I felt better and less worried after being rea__sured, but still went in to my DR the next morning. That is when they did the U/S and discovered that my baby had been gone for almost 4 wks. My baby must have died within a day or two of me seeing the heartbeat. I was given false hope by the hospital, which caused more pain the next morning to only find that I had lost my baby. Demand an U/S. That will set everything straight.


Jena - March 30

Angie - a blood test is great too - you can watch your hCG levels with your doctor. How far along are you? Good luck and I know the wait for blood test results is so long! If you can possibly think about anything else - your other kids, a pet, read a good book, it helps - also being on here helps me. Good Luck and let us know!!


amy - March 30

oh angie, i know exactly how you feel about the everything happening for a reason phrase...it just doesnt make sense right, i dont know why people say that. miscarriage is a very hard thing to endure, especially when you get so excited and happy about starting a family to then have it taken away from you so quickly. i was reading about the d&c, and immediatly when i read that, i thought about the 3 options i was given. unless your doctor thinks that you are in danger health wise, that isnt your only option, they also have pills that can be inserted into your uterus to start the process along, or you can also go the route that i went, and let it happen naturally. it may take some time, which comes with complications, on its own, especially emotionally, but with a d&c ( not usually on the first on, but still a risk ) you can end up with scar tissue which could hurt future chances of getting pregnant. again though, i would really push for the u/s (thank you kt for agreeing with me) blood test are good too, but the u/s is a great way to see what is going on with the baby. again, i am really sorry to hear that you are going through this, but i am praying that everything works out for you. a lot of the girls have given you excellent advice, so i hope that we have all helped you. good luck angie and we are thinking of you.


Angie - March 30

Well everyone I got my hcg levels back today and they are now in the low 400's so I know for sure that I am loosing it. Started cramping pretty bad tonight, but still no bleeding. I thank god that I found this site and all of you ladies have been so supportive and helpful. Although I have lost my baby or losing I should say I'm going to stay on the boards and try and help other people. I want to wish you all good luck. Jena I've seen other posts from you and would love to know how your levels are going. I pray that god will grant you the child you are dreaming of. Me and dh will be hopefully trying again in May after I have a regular af. I've fallen in love with the thought of having another child. I have a boy and a girl already. I had my tubes tied in April of 2002. Thought I didnt want any more children, but now I want another one more than ever. The dr came in yesterday and said I might want to think of another birth control method since something obviously failed with the tubal. I couldnt help but snicker a little and wanted to say do you think so? I will keep all of you in my prayers and hope that everyone has healthy babies. Jena please again let me know how your doing. God bless you all and thank you very much. Baby dust to you all.


bump - March 31

bumpin it up



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