Have You Gotten Positives And Then Af Showed Up

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rhamel - July 7

I'm just wondering how many of you have had a false positive or a chemical pregnancy? I've heard that a problem with really sensitive tests is that they give you a positive, but then it turns out to be a chemical pregnancy and af shows on time. I'm still nervous because I still have not had any brand give me a positive except my internet cheapies from thefertilityshop.com. I had 9dpo -, 10dpo faint+, 11dpo fainter+(went pee several times during night), 12dpo darker+. I've tried FRER, Clear Blue Digital, EPT, and Dollar tree all BFNs. AF isn't due until early Sunday morning July9... share your stories please...


jeanette - July 7

hey rhamel...I've had a couple of chem's. But, i have tested and got faints...then darker, then AF came, then negatives. Best thing to do is wait it out until the day after AF is due and test again. I personally have decided its best not to test until after AF is late because if a chemical happens again...I simply just don't want to know. Hope its just the tests you are using are really sensitive, and a bfp is on the horizon! Good luck & God bless doll!


ZenGirl - July 7

Jeanette, i hope this question is not too personal, but can you explain what your chemical pregnancy looked like and how you felt? I think that happened to me last month but I am not sure.


bethtwo - July 8

i'm wondering the same thing. i had 3 faint positives on a fri., then went to dr. on the following monday for confirmation, but blood test was negative. i started bleeding the next day, but i had all kinds of signs as well. i didn't have much pain with af, but it was pretty clotty and isn't usually. i'm wondering if it was a chemical pregnancy or early mc.


Cindy Johnson - July 8

rhamel, Just a couple of months ago I got several positives and and even got it confirmed by the doctor and then a few days later got af. My doctor says that something like 50% of pregnancies end like that. It is just that some people don't know they are pregnant and when they get their period and just think it is late. I couldn't believe that number.


zoe52782 - July 8

I had that happen to me Sept of 2005. I had a few days of spotting the day af was due. Then it just stopped so i tested and got 3 positives from dollar tree went to the dr. their test was negative so I went out and bought FRER and it was positive. Then a few days later af came, but there were a lot of clots and there usually isnt. I knew it was an early mc.


jeanette - July 8

Hey Zengirl. no, not too personal darlin. It was in all respects 'feeling' like I was pregnant, having a few signs...slightly nauseus, sore nips, fatigue, plentiful CM when I am normally dry b4 af. The faint positives came up in the time limit so I knew it was correct, I used to always test with $tree, then back up with FRER. My AF was 1 and 2 days late, very heavy, very clotty, very painful.....now some tests are notorious for really convincing evaps (like the $tree test)..which is why I backed up with another test. Nowadays, after a few losses, I figure its just not worth the stress to test early. ANd it is just like Cindy Johnson says, there is big percentage of chem's that women don't even know about...but with these early result hpt's that keep women testing earlier and earlier, we see it happening more often. I prefer to just be blissfully ignorant until af is fashionably late : )


sammykjo - July 8

rhamel, can you tell which test exactly you order from thefertilityshop.com? I'm thinking about getting some for next month...guessing my af will be coming.


ZenGirl - July 8

jeanette, it sounds like the same thing I went through. It is disapointing but I suppose these things happen for a reason. That is the way I look at it.


rhamel - July 8

sammy i got the cheapie hpt strips, they were less than a dollar a piece


sammykjo - July 8

Great, thanks rahmel. I will wait until I know for sure things didn't work this month, but then I think I'm going to order some.


thickness - July 22

Yes i had 4 positives with ept. and one positive with first response. i had a chemical pregnancy. this is my story. Ihad s_x dec 2nd and dec 3rd. i know i conceive on the 3rd, because right after s_x he just laid there on me still inside, and he just came never pulled out. i kind of laid there after he got up. i felt weird and strange. dec 7th was the first day i noiced my symptom. i woke up that morning sick to the stomach. and the next day, i was sick all day to the stomach, and each day i was sick to my stomach. my nipples were hurting then my whole b___st started aching, i began to have this strange taste in my moth like metal taste it was crazy all the signs were so strong. i was like my God could i be pregnant and how can i tell this fast. with my daughter i didnt find out til i was like 6weeks. a few days later i knew, so yes ladies you can know fast, because your body tells you. my period was due dec 18th, and didnt come til dec 22nd. im never let i knew something was wrong. dec 19th came i kept running to the bathroom to check nothing and ecah day i did that. each day i was getting closer to my period my symptoms were changing, i was losing them, i knew that was strange. i became worried started calling hotlines trying to understand what was going on with me. dec 22nd i'll never forget. i was at work, i went to the bathroom, i wiped a little of blood sorry ladies for the graphics. then when i got home later that evening i began bledding so heavy the blood seem strange the smell was different. i was so confused because i knew this was not normal for me. then i started losing clots of blood, then i noticed i began feeling like my uterus was contracting it felt like i was having a baby, because i had a baby before and thats my daughter, which she is 7. i became light headed, so i had to hold myself up, becaue i felt as though i was gonna faint right in the bathroom. i never experienced that before. so i figured it was a miscarriage. i was only like three weeks. ive test positive dec 14th with ept. it was very faint. i did three more with ept all faint positives i couldnt believe it. i called the hotline for ept and they explained if there is a faint pos, then you pregnant because this is what the test is looking for pregnancy hormones, and if just a little is detected because your very early in your pregnancy it will be a light positive, and that was me. so like almost 2 weeks pa__sed i tested with first resonse i got two pink lines. but during me waiting it out to test again i had terrible cramps i felt my period was coming anyday just didnt know which day, but i knew dec 18 my red friend was coming into town, she took her time because i was knocked up. so my chemcal pregnancy had all the signs i didnt know of it never had a miscarriage ever. so if you had psoitive test and then suddenly eneded up with a negative and af, you had a chemical pregnancy. you did conceive, its just times as you concieved the baby died right away. they say causes can be infections, or just to many chromosomes. something like that. so i tested dec 29 that was still positive, although i bled on the 22nd, my pregnancy hormones were still present in me a whole week later, so i carried myself to the clinc on the dec 30th and that test was negative, because i miscarried now all the pregnancy hormones were gone. so ladied pay attention to your body it lets you know something foreign has entered, i knew i was pregnant, but only for a brief moment, i still cry over that baby, because i wanted that child. im bettet today, but i'll never forget. and baby dust to all those who are trying God Bless.


Faye84 - July 25



katina - August 2

For those of you who had a chemical pregnancy, how long did the bleeding last? I was due on 28, started bleeding (no clotting) on the 30, but bleeding stopped by the end of the day. I got a little spotting a couple of days later but nothing that could come out without wiping.


BrendaW - August 2

Rhamel, that is a problem that I have. Myself personally I would rather know if it is happening. A chemical pregnancy is an early miscarriage and if this happens continuously then that may be a sign of a problem with your body and keeping pregnacies. Katrina- It is typically heavier bleeeding and more painful af than normal. Did you get a + ? Some women experience a light "period or period like bleeding" the first month of pregnancy. If you have taken a pg test and it was +. THen you had this one day bleeding. Just take another pg test and the line should be darker. If the test gets fainter or is - then that would single that your hcg levels are dropping instead of rising. Rhamel, if this hasnt happened to you in the past just relax and really enjoy the knowledge that you are pg! And the tests are getting darker so that means your hcg is rising! Good Luck!



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