Having A Pimple Breakout When U Normally Never Breakout

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babygurl63801 - January 5

hey all i have a question, ive noticed this beginning to get more a problem here lately,...i am having a breakout of pimples on my face, its actually getting kinda bad here recently. i havent this bad of a breakout since i was 16 and worked at a fast food resturant..? i mean i might get one or two around my time each other nothing more tho, and nothing like this....?? im confused....someone help.>>!!!


Taneika - January 5

I just found out I'm preg, and I've been breaking out too. (Normally I have really clear skin).


babygurl63801 - January 5

taneika...wow congrats!!! im happy for you, yeah i figured breaking out had to be some sort of sign..this is very unusal for me to break out like this..well good luck to you and keep me updated!!!!!


roxyttandme - January 5

Breaking out can be a symptom of preg., but that doesnt necessarily mean anything. It could also be stress, enviromental reasons, lack of sleep, etc. I wouldnt jump to conclusions until you have additional symptoms. Just keep your eyes out.. Good Luck!!!


babygurl63801 - January 5

thank you roxyttandme,,im having all kinds of symptoms,,i havent had a reg period since oct, but neg hpts...crazy uh..yeah i need to make a appt with a obgyn...thanks for your imput


Ravini - January 5

Hi had i had this same thing in july last year... the absence of periods and pimple.. it turned out that i have pcoS... i not trying to scare you or anything just want you to go c ur gyno just to make sure everything is ok and besides it u havent had a proper period its always best to get things sorted out...


yaas - January 6

hi everyone, actually my last af was on november and i am late, still negetive hpt and a lot of breakouts that i usually have aclear skin and this the first time i breake out. i am really b__wted in my atomach. back pain, and some CM , head aches, and tired all the time, moody 2 , coupple a times i felt like trowing up last week but now i am fine. but my stomach is really heavy and b__wted. could i be prg?


Ravini - January 6

Yaas- join da club.. my belly's been bloated for almost 2 weeks now ... grrr...so heave :-s


babygurl63801 - January 6

ravani----hey thanks for replying to my question..i appreciate you taking your time to do so...if i may ask what is pcos? im kind of worried now...if you can get back with me that would be great...thanks..


babygurl63801 - January 6

yaas---hey thank you too for replying to my forum...it seems like me and you and a few other gurls have the exact same prob, but with me getting the neg hpts im thinking i have what ravini said,,,pcos..i need to find out more about that...i hope you figure out whats wrong with you and i wish the best for you,,i hope u get that bfp...good luck to you...keep me updated...thanks!!


Ravini - January 8

Hi babygurl63801, dnt worry too much a bout it... its polycistic ovarian syndrome.. PCOS.. Its treatable... i couldnt belive i had somthing like this but now i just live with it... just go see your gyno about your absence of periods....as for pcos you need to control your diet though..if you need to concive they give you clomid (metformin as well sometimes depending on ur test results) else they give u a hormone tablet to make ur period come.. what pcos is means is that the eggs in your ovaries are not maturing...you can do a gogle search .. it will give u lots of sites about it.... BUT fisrt of all go c ur gyno and see what he says.. you may not be havin it at all!!! good luck.. and i sure hope u dont have it


Mandy - January 8

Iam 4 weeks preg and i never had Pimples before hand. now iam getting them. good luck!



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