Having Symptoms But Neg Hpt

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Aliana - February 28

Well, here it goes....I've been on BCP for about two years, only the last two months I've been taking them at different times every day because I have a crazy ass work schedule. Well, for about the last month I've been having some symptoms of pregnancy...bad nausea every day, or every other day, a few times it lasted the whole friggin' day....I've been bursting into tears at strange commercials or movies, I don't normally do this, even with the mood swings from BCP. Now, I've been nauseated on the pill before, but never for this long. I started my period yesterday, it was heavy, and two hpts came out neg. but i still feel different. This is probably crazy, it may just be in my head, but I've never felt so different before. And today my nipples are sore...I'm sorry if this is tmi for anyone, I'm just concerned. I've heard so many interesting stories, like women having their period for a few months after conceiving, or other's having blood tests come out neg and still finding they're pg later on. The major thing for me is the length of my nausea, fatigue, getting upset easily, or crying if I see a sad puppy on tv. I've never been pg before, but I just feel like I am. Any advice is welcome. Thank you !!!


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 28

My guess is that your BC has your hormones out of wack If you are getting Neg. HPT and you have a heavy af then you are prob not preg. usually people who get an af when pg it is usually lighter and shorter than reg. af. Good Luck


Aliana - March 1

THank you for the advice. I'd thought that might have something to do with it. its just weird cuz I've been on the same one for about a year and its never done this to me. But I'm gonna be quitting soon and use a fertility monitor and just be careful the natural way, and if I get pg, well, I'll enjoy it!



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