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need info - October 27

How long does HCG last in urine?? and when does your body start producing it??


C - October 27

The HCG hormone is present all through pregnancy and increases in amount throughout pregancy..your body starts producing HCG levels after implantation...levels of HCG vary in women...hope this helps..:)


need info - October 27

is it possible to not produce HCG and still be pregnant


Mica - October 27

The soonest it can usually be detected in the urine is 10 days after ovulation.


Kira - October 27

Hcg must be present or you wouldnt be pregnant. Its the chemical that starts cell division. No HCG=No baby


just so you know - October 27

it is possible to be preg and not have a detecable amount in your urine, but it has to be present if you are preg....


Now confused - October 27

Say the hpt doesn't pick up the HCG, What does blood have to get for positive result


Kira - October 27

An hpt detects a certain amount, all the tests are different. If you dont have the level that the hpt is looking for it says negative. A blood test tests for HCG, and can see if its present.


not condused anymore - October 28

So the HCG is always present in the bloold no matter what!. If a hpt is asking for a certain amount in the urine test, it could be negative.


Grandpa Viv - October 28

hCG increases from less than 2 to over 100,000 in the first trimester, doubling every few days. Many urine tests advertise they detect 25, but actually detect lower. There are two kinds of blood tests, qualitative and quant_tative. A qualitative test gives a yes-no anwer than a urine test. A quant_tative test is expensive and gives a number. It is most often used if problems are suspected. Anything over 5 is encouraging, and over 25 is positive (think that is right). Some pregnancies build up hCG slower than others, and in rare instances it may be out to the second missed period before getting a positive urine test.


need info - October 31

Well I hope I get a positive hpt. On Nov 7/05 will be my second missed period. So far I've had 2 negative test results. What else could it be


em - October 31

need info, if you just went off birth control, that could screw up your cycles. I would go to the dr and get a blood test. They should be able to tell for sure. Also if it is neg, tehn they can help detirmine if something is wrong



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