Hcg Amounts

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m. - August 2

how long does the hcg take to build up to get a positive? with my son, it took me about 2 weeks after missing af to get a positive. now im 6 days late and have every symptom but no positive yet. so does anyone know how long it takes to register?


Mica - August 2

As your past experience proves, everyone is different. Some few get a BFP at 10dpo, others not until much later. Frustrating isn't it? best to you!


D - August 2

I'm on 11 days late and bfn this morning.... very frustrated as I'm having many symptoms, not to mention I'm very regular, so this is not normal for me at all. Good to see that this may just happen sometimes. Still hoping!!


m. - August 2

good luck to you d and thanks to both for helping.


Gigi - August 2

Hi M and D - I'm in the same boat as you, ... I tested 4 BFN's, one every day, 3, 2, 1 day early and one yesterday, the day my AF was due. Today I'm one day late, but I don't want to test for a couple more days because I'm afraid of another BFN, even though I have all the symptoms. It IS frustrating, especially when a few ladies are lucky enough to test several days early and still have a large enough amount of hCG to test positive even before AF comes, but we're all different, so I guess the only thing to do is keep crossing our fingers and test every other day after AF doesn't show, as it triples every 3 days. BABY DUST to all!


Chas - August 2

Hi gigi, got af today *sigh* Better luck to you !


D - August 2

Thanks...good luck to you to M. I'm having some light pink spotting since late Sunday... but very light. I'm wondering if I just ovulated really late, and this is implantation... which I think would explain the bfn's....not enough hcg just yet. Because at this point I would bet just about anything that I am defia___lty pregnant.... all that's missing is that positive....The symptoms are undeniable at this point. I'm going to make a dr. appt next week wether I get a bfn or bfp!


Jada - August 2

Chas- Sorry about AF. Are you sure it's AF. Is it light? Could be Implantation bleeding???



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