Hcg Levels How Do You Tell What They Mean

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mommy fin - January 22

I am new to this, I am not really even a computer person. I took a at home test and it come back postive, so I went to my family pratice docter, they took my blood and two days later called and said I needed to come in for more lab work because my level was 20. I said o.k. and went in two days later. My level was 30. At this time they told me that was to low, so I called my Gyn. They told me that my hcg levels were to low and they tought this pregnancy was not going to work out . But to have more lab work done. So I waited a week and had that test come back at 847. They called and told me that and to go have lab work done again. I have had two children already, so I feel kind of silly,I had never really heard of an hcg level before. So I really don't Know what to tell my husband and family when they ask if I am pregnant, I would like know my self.


whynotme - January 22

Hey there. HCG levels in pregnancy are supposed to double every 48 hours or so. Here is a chart that I found that may help you determine where your numbers should be at right now: These are days after conception: 7 days 3 weeks 0 to 5 14 days 28 days 3 to 426 21 days 35 days 18 to 7,340 28 days 42 days 1080 to 56,500 I hope that this helps.


Grandpa Viv - January 22

hCG going from 20 to 30 in three days got them worried because it was not doubling fast enough. Jumping to 847 in the next week is doubling plenty, so they probably are not as worried any more. Absolute hCG levels vary enornously from one pregnancy to another, so comparing with a set of values is not much help. Good luck!


BrendaW - January 22

You are definitely pregnant!! Congradulations and good luck.


time4more - January 22

Hi mommy fin.... thank you for responding to my question.... and I agree that you are definitely preggo.... they were just looking for the numbers to go up.... so CONGRATS! :o)



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