HCG Levels In Quantative Blood Test

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MIssy - April 7

If you are not pregnant should your hcg level be 0 when you take a quant. blood test? I had one two weeks ago and I was a 2. If I absolutely was not preggo, shouldn't there have been none detected?


Amy - April 7

Non pregnant women usually have hcg levels of 5-10 on any given month.


Jena - April 7

MISSY!!! I was a 2!!!! I was like, 9 days late and a 2! My doctor told me that you are usually a 0.5 naturally. So they re-tested (so nice!) and two days later I was a 12. So that wasn't much help. But soon jumped to 214 and 649, and today I got my results back and I'm 10,990 a week later! So it CAN happen - what happened with me is I ovulated a day before I got my period (weird, huh?). I kind of felt like I was due to CM, so we BD'd that day and the next - and that's when we got preggo. If I were you I'd have another one - after 2 weeks, you are either really not pregnant, or you are. Best of luck and I'll check back. I can't believe someone else was a 2 as well!


To Jena from Missy - April 7

Thank goodness there's someone else out there experiencing this too!! BTW, congrats on the pregnancy. That's so awesome. Actually, my Dr. is having me go back in this afternoon for another blood test. I'll let you know the results. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me! :-)


Jena - April 7

Missy, you have a good doctor. Some would just say a 2 is negative and send you on your way. GOOD LUCK!!! I'll be here! Will you find out tomorrow? If you want to exchange e-mail, I'm down :) GL!


erica - April 7

Jena did you get you af that month?


Jena - April 7

Erica - no, I got my period in February and then conceived the day before my March period was due and never got it. So that is what tipped me off to think I was pregnant...


erica - April 7

thank you Jena.


Hey, Jena - April 7

Thanks for the support, girl! I should hear back tomorrow, but since tomorrow is Friday I doubt it. I'll probably hear back Monday. I'm so stoked for you that your levels are rising so dang well. I wish you the best. toss me your email addy and we can chit chat! :-)



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