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Shanell - November 13

Are really bad headaches a sign of pregnacy to? HELP ME!!!!!


Terri - November 13

yes! That is my only symptom. Just got bfp today. I had them with my other dd's too. Good luck! Let us know.


Laura - November 13

Hi Terri and Shanell, Congratulations Terri!!! Lots of BFP's this weekend! I got my BFP on Friday!


Christine - November 13

I have headaches & sore nipples for the past 5 days. how long before AF do you usually start getting symptoms? AF is due in 7days & I usually get these feelings maybe 4 or 5 days before AF, not 2 weeks.


Laura - November 14

I get symptoms 5 dpo. I tested 12 dpo.


Terri - November 14

my headaches started around 6-7 dpo, tested + 10 dpo


Deb - November 14

Hi girls. I have been ttc for 7 months and had an HSG test done this cycle. I am hoping it worked! Ihave been getting headaches every day since 4 dpo. Hping that is a good sign cause I usually dont get them. Terri congrats! So headaches were your only symptom? I have been crampy and somedays nasous but dont know if that part is just in my head. Laura thats awesome! Did you get headaches too? Today I am 9dpo..but am afraid to test till I am late! Which would be Sunday.


Laura - November 14

Hi Deb, My first symptom was a headache. Then came tiredness, crampy, nausea, The headache for so many days made me think positive for the hormone changes that happen.


Deb - November 14

Thanks Laura. I really hope thats what they are from! I actually started first with cramping..then the headaches..then the nausea..then back to more headaches. I am praying this is it! Thanks for sharing! I just feel so positive this month and i dont want to get my hopes..but just have that good feeling!


angie - November 14

ihave headaches and my belly hurts i'm 17 and me and my boyfriend have been using the pullot method does it work?


JL - November 14

No, Angie, It doesnt work.


Missy - November 14

no, the pull out method doesn't always work! some young men have a hard time controlling their orgasm and sperm can get in there. Please..get on some type of birth control. I would take a test if you are late for period and then definately use birth control. Many pregnancies have occured from the pull out method. Good luck.



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