Headaches Amp

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sm - October 6

can tis sympton come & go or it is suppose to persist? i m on my cd27 out of my cycle 49days. past few days hv been experiencing headaches, mild dizziness, 'as if' gastric discomfort, sore bbs BUT tis mornin woke up ONLY w the sore bbs & mild gastric discomfort - i called it gastric discomfort coz i do not wan to disillusion myself to say it is mild nauseaus.


jenna - October 7

i know exactly what you mean sm, i had symptoms like nausea , or what i felt like was nausea for a few days, then it went away, now I get persistant headaches and im ga__sy, i don't know what to expect??? I'm also drooling like a dog!!!


sm - October 7

thks jenna. i hope there r more comin in here to share or give some advise. my ovu window supposedly to b the whole wk next wk .. but started tis sore bbs way before. it really gets me confused. i also started to throbbin pain in my knees & left side of my back. i guess all it takes is for us to wait. we jus need someone to b together, aint we?


Dak - October 7

Thanks that you have started this thread. I am on CD23 of 29 cycle. I am experiencing headache, i feel as if I have more gas in the stomach, tiredness, my b___sts are tender and mild cramping. I only experienced this last March when I was preg with my 1st preg I lost in June 05. I dont know what to expect as well. I am not sure whether I am sick due to other things or it because I might have conceived. Lets keep in touch. I will not test until af comes. GOOD LUCK to both of you.


sm - October 7

hi Dak, thks for joining & sharing. sori to hear ur miss. i hv not felt the cramps since last Sept. after days of bd, i woke up w the sore bbs. tat's y i m confused. pre-menstrual symtpons or baby on his/her way, let's wait together & keep in touch!


Kim - October 18

I had a very bad headache with diziness about 3 days before I got my BFP. Ive never been dizzy with a headache before, and that is the only time it has happpened so far. So I dont think it has to be a presistent thing to be a sign



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