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Sophie - May 26

I just found out today at the doctor's that my preg test was negative. I had two faint positives (hpt's first response and walmart brand) but his strip was negative. My symptoms started disappearing this weekend past. I just knew I was alone in my body again. He is sending me for bloodwork anyway ( hcg) and to an obgyn. he said if I don't start bleeding by next week to come back. I noticed my br___ts seemed to shrink overnight, the white pimple like things on my areolas were started to go away.. the only thing left is the copious amount of white mucous that has been so annoying but I wish I had never complained now. I am so so sad. I just needed to tell someone who might have gone through the same thing. Thanks for listening.


Chriss - May 26

Oh Sophie, I am so sorry!! I know exactly what you are going through and you are not alone here! You may have experienced an early m/c and that is why your symptoms are fading OR maybe the Dr.'s test is wrong and the bloodtest will tell you somethings else, please hang in there and know that the ladies on this board are really great and we wish you all the best. Please let us know what happens at the OBGyn, you never know!!! Good luck!!!


kimmydee - May 26

i totally know what you're feeling like right now. how long have you been trying for? i have symptoms and no period. negative tests are the only thing i see around here.


Sophie - May 27

Thank you Chriss and kimmydee. It's weird last night I felt pregnant again but maybe it's only wishful thinking now. I wish I had never taken those home tests which detect an early pregnancy. My hopes went way too high when I saw the two positives only to have the negative one at the doctor's. Now, I keep waiting to start bleeding ( sorry graphic) I can't call it my period because that's not what it will be. kimmydee, you asked how long we had been trying, on and off for a year. I had a 15week miscarriage ( well labour had to be induced) when I was 16 and that was horrible. So, I guess if this is a failed pregnancy it's better that it's so early rather than go through the horror I went through when I was so young. Again though, thanks for your responses.


Hannah - May 27

Dear Sophie, i am very sorry! Don't despair, g-d will give you a baby soon! Why is it that those who really want a child have to fight so much for it? Think about it, it is all worth it and nothing happens w/o a reason. Be well!!!


karen - May 27

Sophie, I'm very sorry about both your m/cs (if that's what this was). I went through the same thing last year. I was so excited, and then when I went in for confirmation/check-up, the dr. said I was miscarrying. I remember trying so hard not to cry until I got out of the office, but you're right--it's a blessing for it to happen so early. Keep your chin up--it will happen for you!


Kimberly - May 27

((((Sophie)))) Im so sorry. I lost a baby in my 35th week of pregnancy...I was induced as well and she was lived in my arms for 45 minutes. Of course, I wouldnt change having her but, it was a horrible thing to be that close to having a healthy baby only to lose her so soon. That was 8 yrs ago and I have since had a healthy baby, she is 7 now. Keep the faith, sweetie!!



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