Hehe I Succumbed To The Hpt

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k - October 27

Ok im only 6dpo. I knew i shouldnt have tested but i did. Any of you out there in the same boat. The desperate boat.


Melissa - October 27

Hi k. We're all so funny here! I hear ya...I'm 5dpo and I just want answers. I don't even have any tests in the house...I'm not strong enough :)


desperate - October 27

anyone know how long to wait till you should get a positive on hpt im eleven days late


Mollie - October 27

Just a tip...if your will power gives out, take a test purchased from the Dollar Store. I got a BFP on a cheap test 2 days before AF was scheduled to show :o)


J. - October 27

Desperate: if you're 11 days late, you should be able to test and have a pretty accurate result.


desperate - October 27

i did a test awhen i was 7 days late and it was negative and i dont know if it was because i got a cheap brand of hpt or what


B - October 27

Hi K, I'm totally with you. I did the same thing this month and even though I knew it was too early to test I still did it. I tested on 6 and 8 dpo. I just can't stand the 2ww. AF due on Oct 30. Don't feel pregnant though. Baby dust.


Gemma - October 27

Don't worry last month I did about 6 or 7 test now how impatient is that.


test junkie - October 27

my name says it all! I'm 6dpo and haven't tested yet. I'm so proud of myself! I will be testing on Saturday though. I know it is still too early, but if I am pregnant, I want to know the first day it turns positive. I am done with the waiting already!


Erin - October 28

I second the Dollar Store post. My bfp was a full WEEK before af was due! Only 8 days past ovulation!


Melissa - October 28

Ooh! I wish I lived near a dollar tree so I could try those tests. I'm in Canada and I've never seen inexpensive tests like that here. Mind I'm only 6dpo so I know it's too early anyway. Actually now that I think of it, if I could get tests for a dollar, I would test all the time and be crazier than I already am!


tj - October 30

Melissa, you can get cheap tests over the internet. I live in Canada too, and I ordered test strips from www.early-pregnancy-tests.com, and also from amazon.com. You can order different amounts 5, 10, 25 etc and can get them for as low as 53 cents USD a stick. I stocked up and can test all the time now!


Melissa - October 30

tj-Do those tests work well? I saw them on those sites too, but the feedback on them didn't seem to be too good. A lot of people said they didn't show up too well and fell apart. I just don't want to have a bunch of tests that don't work. What have you found? Thank you :)


Becca - October 30

I wouldn't reccomend those cheep tests you can buy online. I used them last month and I got a very very faint gray line that i read as an evaporation line, and it turns out I wasn't pg. Another girl on this sight got exactly the same line, then she took a FRER test and saw 2 clear pink lines. The cheap tests are good if you are a test junkie like I am, but I don't find them to be too reliable.


Melissa - October 30

Thanks for the advice Becca. That's the kind of feedback that I had read on the sites that sell them. I'm just going to try to wait until af is late and then use a store bought kind. Does anyone know which are better than others? I've used the First Response ones before and felt they worked well...even though I've never gotten my BFP yet :)


elizajane - October 30

i just took one today, my period is not due til the 6th, but i have a strong feeling...i am hoping, odds are slim but it could be a blessing!


Q - October 30

7dpo, and I had to try. No faint line, but I'm really hoping next time there will be..... I can wait another week,... really.....



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