Helen Are You A Nurse Or Something

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Jess - August 15

Your responses and the responses from others women, frustrate me. Upon reading the questions and the answers given by you and other non-educated individuals, I have this need to correct your misconceptions and to ensure that these women are receiving accurate information. Before stating your mind, maybe you should do some research in this area before misleading these women with inaccurate information. Also you seem as if you have a chip on your should about something. I admit that sometimes people do not always make the right choices in terms of having unprotected s_x when they don't want a baby - but there are times you are just assuming that some of these women are not wanting to become pregnant and if they are adults than that is their business. I agree that people who do not want children should be responsible and use some form of protection. Anyways Helen, I wonder where you get your facts from - because they are not accurate. I would suggest you spend sometime and educate yourself first about the issues of s_x and fertility before educating others.


Kathy - August 11

Grow up Jess. I have read a lot of Helen's posts (I myself have 3 children). And she has been spot on every time. Go away and leave the facts to the adults Jess.


Ben - August 11

Well said Kathy. There are far too many idiots, like Jess, who have no idea about pregnancy or contraception. You have girls asking questions such as "can I get pregnant if my boyfriend pulls out before he c_ms?" and repsonses say "no you can't it's impossible". Girls NEED adults and sensible people who have the CORRECT facts at their fingertips.


melissa - August 11

Jess you are right helen is always trying to tell everybody her opinion and it is always wrong i don't really like helen


Sal - August 11

I'm sorry but I feel the need to tell you to GET A LIFE and stop spouting rubbish! It sounds to me as though you are jealous that there are a small number of people on these forums who actually have a VERY good knowledge of what is being asked and because you are not one of them you wish to drive these people away. I agree, these forums do need grown ups who know what they are talking about as unfortunetly there are A LOT of immature people here who do not know what they are talking about. It can be very worrying thinking you may be pregnant, and being given the wrong information can hurt people. If you don't know what you are talking about you shouldn't post in the first place.


J - August 11

melissa, I think you will find that they are facts are not opinions. That's the difference between the adults and the kids on here. The kids have their own little world of "i hope you are ok blah blah blah". But the adults tend to go straight in with the facts so that girls know what they are facing. Just because someone doesn't kiss a__s doesn't mean they are "horrible".


Ben - August 11



Jess - August 11

I will not reduce myself to your level of immaturity. I am simply stating the fact that some of the responses posted by some women are incorrect and in need of correcting. Some women do have periods. Some women do experience pregnancy symptoms before their missed periods and that there are tests women can take before their periods are due to confirm pregnancy or not. I am not jealous, nor trying to drive away certain people. I am trying to correct those who are not accurate in their information.


Becca - August 11

I agree Jess i've read her remarks and find them right disturbing. I am trying to conceive with my husband so why would she say use protection if i've been married for over 8yrs? I would'nt even waste my time to people who don't understand what it is like to conceive as an adult. Jess stick at what you doing, there are people out there who DO care. :) Take Care


Razzled - August 11

Jess, I think u will find the following forum extremely helpful and supportive. I've been there awhile. I've also been lurking here to check out answers, symptoms and have even posted questions under different names, however, it seems as if the only posts that are responded to are to young girls who apparently have "messed up" so to speak and are looking for help! The only answers these poor girls have rec'vd are negative insults that get them "no where". I find this board repulsive and is the last place that I would recommend to a friend in need. http://messageboards.ivillage.com/iv-pptrying



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