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ashamed - November 3

well i thought i was pregnant, i had the symptoms and every thing..i think i had the implantation bleeding and like 2 weeks into it, i had rough..wild s_x with my fiance and a few days later was bleeding with clots in it..and no more symptoms anymore, do you think we hurt the baby..if there ever was one?


lupy - November 3



no - November 3

you may not have been preg. and if you were, s_x can't hurt the baby. If you were pregnant and m/c, it wasn't meant to be. I know its hard, but nature has a way of taking care of things that aren't as they are supposed to be. good luck to you.


same thing - November 3

Hi ashamed, the same thing happened to my and my husband in Sept. we got wild one night only to wake up the next day to me bleeding and m/c. I was 7 weeks along. Try not to blame yourself!


shaelynn - November 3

no having s_x wont hurt the baby.... your body has a lot of protection so the baby wont get hurt and i know s_x wont hurt the baby... the only thing u have to worry about having s_x in and being preggo is when u get near the end u have to becareful of blood vessels in ur back when u lay down but thats it... good luck


bean - November 3

Ashamed - Ignore the first response from some uneducated jerk. There's no way you can hurt the baby having s_x. However, some women do experience light spotting after s_x in their first trimester and when that happens their dct's put them on what's called pelvic rest (i.e. limited exercise and no s_x). You may not have even had a m/c - unless your af was late, you tested positive on an hpt, and then you got af - that's the only true way to know if you m/c. So many women unfortunately do m/c and then look for a cause. If you hadn't had a fun time in bed, you maybe would be blaming the small gla__s of wine you had a week before af was due or something else. As humans, we naturally don't like unexplained things and look for something to blame. Don't beat yourself up over it. It sucks, but if there was a baby, you certainly didn't lose it to one fun night.



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