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AllEyesOnMe - July 11

How are you all doing?I am new on here and just wanted to know if anyone wanted to talk about early pregnancy symptoms.


Rhonda - July 12

Hello and welcome to the forum,I got my bfp at 11dpo,and i had sore bbs and was nausea real bad.That was my only symptoms and headaches.


AllEyesOnMe - July 12

well i am having nausea and heartburn and feel constipated and my b___bs look bigger with more veins on them.and i pee a milloin times a night as well.how far along are you?


Meghan - July 12

Hi there, I just got my bfp last night and af was due on this friday comming up, but I can tel you my biggest indicator was the slight uncomfortable pinching in my uterus and not being able to sleep at night and i know this sounds funny but waking up in the morning an having loads of "sleep" or what I call eye boogies in my eyes. Also I just felt pregnant as well good luck to you!


eliah99 - July 12

Let me know how your symptoms continue. I am new on here too. This is what I have going on...veins in b___sts showing more, and showing around my nipples which the never do. I also have heartburn, fatigue (can't get enough sleep), irritable, and last week, about 9 days past ov, I had 2 1/2 days on very light pink when I wiped. I'm waiting to see if af shows up soon.


sarahd - July 12

ooh - eliah99, that pink spotting sounds like it might have been implantation bleeding! How many dpo are you now?


eliah99 - July 12

12 to 13 days I think


AllEyesOnMe - July 12

meg,congrats on your bfp.I think i am 5-6wks.i feel real nausea all the time.it sucks,oh and also i feel bloated alot to.eliah99,i know what you mean when you say you cant sleep,i have a very hard time sleeping,plus i always wake up like 50 million times a night to go pee.


eliah99 - July 12

Well here is hoping. I'm trying my best to be patient.


Rhonda - July 12

I am in my 6th wk.I cant wait to go to my dr and make sure things are going good.


AllEyesOnMe - July 13

I still have to make me an appointment to.I have one child and i have had one m/c it was awful.So is most people on here pretty nice?Is there anyone i should avoid?Just wondering b/c i was on this other forum and all the girls were real ignorant so then i found this forum,so far everyone seems nice!


Seredetia - July 13

This forum is generally very helpful. You can get a few topics that are filled with little girls scared about their first s_x experiences, but they are few and far between. Usually you can read the subject and get the gist of who has written it! As far as my "symptoms" for knowing I was pregnant...well, I really didn't have any that pointed right to pregnancy. I'd gained a bit of weight which I'd a__sociated with stress and I was getting very emotional (angry/sad) over little things. It wasn't until I was 2 weeks late for my period that I started to wonder. LOL. My periods have been irregular since about December when I think I had a hormonal change, so I didn't think anything of the late cycle. The ONLY month that I didn't think anything happened turned out to be the one that did. Good luck to you!!



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