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cl22 - April 4

I'm 8 days late and the last time i took a test is when i was 2 days late. My br___ts are tender, weird feeling in my belly, and I feel oh so bloated. I plan on taking one tomorrow morning and i'm scared. I really want to be pregnant and i'm gonna be sooooo disappointed if i'm not. Anyway, what do you all think are the chances of me being preg? We use nothing but the "pull-out" method.


jena - April 4

just curious... were you ttc and that's why you used the pull-out method, or were you not trying but then upon the chance of being preggo you got excited? the test when you were 2 days late could have easliy been too early. now that you are 8 days late, you can definitely test again. if you still get a negative and still don't get your period, I would strongly suggest getting a quant_tative blood test. good luck!!


cl22 - April 5

Thanks Jena, I did test and it was negative. I'm not really that stressed so i know it can't be stress. My husband is gone TDY in the states, (i'm in Germany by the way) and i wonder if that's putting enough stress on me to be late 9 days now. My husband doesn't think we're ready for a baby yet, but i know i am. We actually decided to start trying in July. Why July? I dunno. I think he just likes to have control of things. I really want a baby now though. Regardless of wether i'm preggo or not, i will still go to the doctor cause 9 days is a very long time for me since my period is usually like clock work. every 28 days.


jena - April 5

i think you have a good head on your shoulders :). you are too funny, though! "he doesn't think we are ready but I know we are" - hahaha we are always right! but really it has a little bit more to do with the woman. my best friend and her husband were ttc and all the sudden he decided they should "wait 18 months". she was like, "huh?!?!" so i feel you! but yes, 9 days late is late so you should go to the doc just to see - unless you have skipped periods before but you probably would have mentioned that... good luck - you still very well could be pregnant - I didn't get a BFP until my (2nd) blood test! Good luck - keep us posted!


cl22 - April 6

BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I got my af. I'm so p__sed off. Not only at myself for making me think i'm preggers, but at my body. How could it deceive me so bad? I'm so mad. My body has really done it this time. OMG i'm so mad. Anxious more than anything. I dunno, In a way it's ok though. If i were preggo that means i wouldn't be able to go home for Christmas and visit my family and his in the states. Now that i know i'm not, i know i will be able to go home. Being out here alone sucks. Especially when the hubby is TDY. Would anyone suggest we start trying as soon as he gets back in May so i could get preggers by July? or is it so easy to get preggers that we could start in July and get the bun in my oven by then. Just curious. This would be our first. =)



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