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kaysma2001 - October 13

This is my first post so please bear with me.....I'm ALMOST convinced that I'm pregnant, but I'm not really sure, so here's my symptoms... PLEASE HELP........... The first day of my LMP was Sept 11. I was on the pill and decided that during my cycle I was getting off the pill. My husband and I are trying to conceive so we had s_x on Sept 25th and I ovulated Sept 27th. I'm on a 30 day cycle so my period was due Oct 11, but on Oct 8th I started having this pinkish cream-like discharge. Oct 9th it was dark brown and I had very mild cramps (mild enough to go without Midol) and headaches and a gassy feeling. Oct 10th and 11th I was bleeding very light (not enough to fill a pad in a day) it was bright red and had small clots. Oct 12 (yesterday) the bleeding stopped and I just saw small drops of blood when I wiped. I took an HPT yesterday and it was neg. but I have had so many symptoms like for the past couple of days I have been sick to my stomach, I wake in the middle of the night, weird dreams, headaches, really tired, loss of appet_te, no "real" period (Period was due Oct 11), that nasty metallic taste in my mouth (I had this symptom with my other 2's gross!) and I was REALLY moody on the 8th and 9th and I was just as happy as a lark on the 10th. I didn't have any of these symptoms(except tiredness) with my other children and I am so confused. Does it sound like implantation bleeding and pregnancy to anyone or does it sound like birth control withdrawal? And shouldn't a pregnancy test be positive by now if my period was due Oct 11th?


Whisper - October 13

Hi. I've never been on birth control, so I'm not sure on the withdrawal, but I have heard it can cause some nasty effects like that for a few cycles until your body gets adjusted to your natural hormone balance again. Chances are, if you were pregnant, it would show up on a test by now, though there are some occasions when a person doesn't get a bfp for awhile after their period, though most people will get one by the time its overdue. My experience with implantation bleeding is that it isn't really bleeding at all, just some spotting, and generally pink or brown, most of the time is only noticeable when wiping. If I had to guess, I'd say its probably just from quitting B/C, but stranger things have certainly happened and if you still feel pregnant, and no definite AF, test again in a week. If it is still bothering you at that point, and you still get a negative test, a__suming you have insurance, just pop into your docs office for a checkup. GL & KUP! I hope you get your BFP! I will pray for you to have just that! *sticky baby dust*


SaraW - October 13

Well I was on nuva ring for a few years. When I went off, my periods were odd like that...the first one hurt really bad and lasted two weeks...then the one after was just like you guess is that it's just from the birth control. The best part about trying to conceive is that if you fail, it's still fun to try! :)



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