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Butterfly77 - February 2

Hello, I just had an IUI done 15 days ago after taking clomid and doing home ovulation kits. On day 13 after the IUI I took 3 pregnancy tests, all came back POSITIVE. On day 14 I still didn't believe it and took another test, again positive. This morning I woke up (day15) and took another just to make sure, it came back negative I had urinated about an hour before I took the test that came back negative. I'm so upset and don't understand. The day I took 3 tests in a row I didn't wait a long time in between so I don't see why urinating an hour before the test this morning would matter. I am just so confused and feel defeated, my husband got upset and said just to believe the ones that came back positive but I can't. I have had no cramping and no bleeding. any suggestions????


LadyD - February 2

I'm not familiar with IUI'S or clomid or anything but I'd believe the first 3 tests. CONGRATS!! It's rare to get a false positive. Maybe the test you took today was not sensitive enough. Did you use the same brand? Don't upset yourself, hun, just take another tomorrow with fmu & hopefully that will show a positive also. Best of wishes & keep us posted!


MelissaP - February 3

Take another test tomorrow!! its hard NOT to believe three positive tests. False positives are rare! Dont be discouraged. If you really want to know an accurate answer..have your doctor order you a blood test. That will give you an definitive answer for sure. Try not to stress, I'm sure that everything will turn out ok!


MegGriffin - February 3

Hey! Im hoping for a BFP for you hun! I have heard that some meds can screw with false positives though... thats about all I can really offer. Also first morning urine is meant to be best to test with so keep it up! Let us all know! Also make a doctors appointment if you are still confused just dont lose hope keep your head up!



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