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crystal69 - March 12

my period is due the 14th of this month and usually i have cramps that hurt alot a couple days or a week before but havent had them yet, my chest is hurting abit and im getting nausase alot, basically evrey day. i also got some veins on my chest that i never really noticed before, i have a caramel skin tone so i never saw them before. last night i had this pain on my left side of my abdomen also witch was a bit weird. im also getting alot more tired threough the day even when i do sleep and also get headaches through the day. and when i sleep i have these weird dreams where im getting a preagnancy test done and it comes out positive. are these sighns of preagnacy, please help.


BeckyBunny - March 12

Could be. Take a home pregnancy test on the 14th. I recommend first response early result or EPT, stay away from equate and most store brands - most people say the dollar tree tests are just as good but I can tell you from experience they aren't. Equate has a history of producing false positives, and most store brand tests won't detect as early and might leave evaporation lines, which can be confusing.


Tonigirl - March 12

I agree..take a test. And as for the dollar store, I got a nice dark positive and it only cost me a dollar...I then tested with an EPT just to make sure and it read the either one...just test. Good luck to you.


Grandpa Viv - March 12

Would this be from a contraceptive malfunction around Feb 29th? Fatigue, weird cramps, b___bs, veins, headaches, and weird dreams all count. So do: excessive gas, peeing more, lotion discharge, backache, sensitive nips, hot flashes, acne, dizzy moments, crying, stuffy/runny nose, and a couple of other things. Do a couple of Dollar Store home preg tests at one week intervals starting when you are late for a normal period, and using first morning pee. Good luck!


crystal69 - March 13

thank you for aswering my questiion, shoul i wait a week to ceck out if iam or should i just do it on the 14th, im also getting these weird muscle cramps, and my chest itches as if im wearing a sweater with no braw, is that a symptom?


Jezebel - March 13

start with the 14th and if you still dont get a period then wait a week and test again.


crystal69 - March 13

alright thanks


crystal69 - March 14

hey is all of a sudden out of nowhere getting very hot a preagnancy symptom? cause i've been having that happen to me alot latly


Grandpa Viv - March 14

Yes, hot flashes is one of signs I listed above, caused by hormone surges, similar to menopause.



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