Help 16 Maybe Pregnanat

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TeanaRP - December 7

h__lo, im not the one possible pregnant, my best friend is whos only just 16, she told me today that 4 weeks ago her and her bf had s_x and now she's missed her period by a week, is peeing more then usual and has mood swings. the problem is she's religous so she's absoultly terrified to tell her parents, and she's scared to get a pregnancy test, i really want to help her, should i buy one for her? or take her to the doctors myself? any suggestions?


Grandpa Viv - December 7

Sure, buy her a two-pack and use the second one a week after the first. The Dollar Store tests work fine and are cheap, but you may have to ask the cashier where they are kept. Ideally she should test using first morning pee, which is most concentrated. Failing that, take her to your home and get a urine sample after she has gone 4 hours without drinking. The package will tell how to do a dip test - usually three seconds to make sure the test is properly wetted, with the result read in the 5 minute to ten minute window.


TGIF - December 8

I'm Srry To Bud In, I'm New To This Website, But I Had S_x 5 Days Ago, And My Period Was Supposed To Come On Tht Day, Or Around That Day, But It Still Hasn't Came On Since, I've Been Having Lots And Lots Of Discharge, Dripping, A Creamy Tint to It. And Breast Feels Kind Of Sore, Could I Be Pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - December 9

TGIF, you could be pregnant, but not from the incident you describe. It would more likely be from s_x Nov 20th. Are you unusually tired, smell and appet_te changed, peeing more often? Take a test Saturday morning first am pee. GL!


Giggulz91 - December 10

Its best to take a pregnancy test after you missed your period and go to a clinic where they can give you a free test, you will get better results. You don't start feeling symptoms till after you had your missed period.



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