Help 19DPO And 2 Lines On OPK

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melissap - March 2

I am 19dpo and all my Dollarama $1.00 tests have come upBFN. So I saw someone replace a HPT with an OPK on FF photogalley of tests so I had a few and took one. I left it for about 15 minutes kinda forgetting about it and It Has 2 Lines!!! One is more faint than the other so it is not a pos. OKP any thoughts on the matter?? I have never used Okp's before and I am going by my assumption that if there was no LH present you would not get any lines at all except the control. I thought maybe this was an evap line but it thick and pink just faint. I took a pic and I will try and post on FF to look at. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know. I just want to know one way or another just to rule out no other problems.If I am not preggo than I have accepted that after so many BFN's and I am prepared to start again. PLease Help Me!!!


melissap - March 2

Oh sorry my ff is home/missp. Now someone may be able to look. I am trying to get a clear pic to put on but I see that you shouldn't read them after 10 min. so I am going to pee on another!!


MrsShelton217 - March 2

Hey Girl! First of all... good luck. Just wanna share something with you. I am right at 5 weeks preggers now. I had always heard WONDERFUL things about the dollar tests. I tested for preg. and kept on getting 2 lines on OPK (one lighter) but neg. pregnancy tests! Then I went and spent about 15.00 on a FIRST RESPONSE EARLY RESULT.. and BAM! A BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!


melissap - March 2

Thanks MrsShelton I am getting my mom to pick me up a HPT either FR or Clearblue and bring it out to me. I took another opk and Within 11 minutes I had another faint line. Still trying to post it on FF but on dial up and had to make phone calls!!


MrsShelton217 - March 2

Clear Blue was not as clear as the FR (I tried that one too....)


sososleepy - March 2

melissap, check out peeonastick dot com (as in pee on a stick) before you get really really happy about that. Good luck though!


Martha31 - March 2

melissap, this is probably another good news !!!:) Please let us know once you check again:) Good luck!!


izechsmama - March 2

hey Melissa i tried to look at your photos but they didnt come up on your site for me.. just little red Xs in the box where the picture should be.. i'd just take a different kind of pregnancy test if i were you... :) and hurry up cause i'm dying to know!


melissap - March 2

Well my mom brought me out a Clear blue easy and I held my pee for 3.5 hours as long as I could and I poas and went for a quick dip in the tub. I was a little less than 10 min. I looked at the test and I saw a very faint line. My dh told me I was crazy- maybe I am so again I am not sure if it evap or just a really faint BFP on 19dpo. But I guess I will test again if no af, but it will have to be monday as we are in the middle of a really nasty storm and I live 35 minutes away from a town that sells hpt. I tried to take a pic but my camera is not picking up faint lines-of course!! AHHHHHH so frusterated. Mom also brought me 1 more Dollarama so maybe I will try it in the am. Probably an evap line although it looked blue but that is close to gray. I looked at some faint BFP on ff photogallery and this is comparable in my obsessive mind!! Will update you again. I am going to try and put another pic on FF chart if I can find one that has lines!!


LIN - March 3

A faint line on an opk is nothing to get excited about. There will always be some residual level of LH in your urine, so many women *always* have a second line on their opks no matter what time of their cycle it is. I wouldn't get my hopes up unless it was a very strongly positive opk (i.e. the test line was darker than the control line).


sososleepy - March 3

Well melissap, you helped me lose a bet lol... I wasn't going to use any opk's until cd 7 or so this time around, but you got me curious since every one I used last month showed 2 lines. I'm on cd3, and this is the first one I ever got with no line. Now I just might have to use one every other day this cycle to see when the no line part begins and ends, or if it comes and goes a bit... really, go see peeonastick dot com because she has good pix posted of trying to use opk's as hpt's and the hpt's did a much better job.


sososleepy - March 3

no line as in great control line, no test line


Martha31 - March 3

girls, do you have to use opk every day?? any particular time during the day is better? I see some of the women using opk twice a dya, is this any better? when is the best time in a cycle to start using it? please help! many thanks:)


melissap - March 4

OK so I am going with faint BFP. Correct me if I am wrong but I am sure I looked at the test withn 12 minutes and the second line was really faint but was blue. It is still on the test really faint but still blue I have a light blue cross. I will test again but still no af the cramps are gone. I looked at my FF chart and the night I thought I was going to start my period really early was a huge dip and I had 2 dips this month DH will freak over that. Last night was making Sweet and Sour pork and it called for 2 TBSp of vinegar- That is all I could smell for 1/2 hour and I just about threw up it was sooo strong. I also feel really stretchy down there so I am going to guess. If something eles happens I will be alright I know in the back of my mind that it still possibly be an evap line so.... I will test again tommorow.


stefkay - March 4

Martha, from the tests I've bought they said the best time, I think, was mid afternoon. It's definitely not a fmu test like hpts are from what I understand. Taking 2 would cover your bases completely though because I think a surge happens pretty quickly and you could miss it by just testing in the afternoon...


melissap - March 4

Used another OPK strip and the test line is way darker than it was yesterday- It is almost as dark as the control line. I know they are not the same but it is interesting experimenting with them. I have 2 left and will try and see if they keep getting darker. As well as I will test with an Hpt as soon as I get to town. Yes Martha you should use the Okp in the afternoon for ovulation prediction as that is when the LH has a greater concentration.


mrose - March 4

melissa, just do you know for sure how many dpo you are? Did you use opks for that, or are you on fertility meds? I'm just wondering if maybe you ovulated later than what you thought, therefor, not receiving a strong bfp yet. maybe you should go get a blood test done? goodluck!



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