Help 3 AFs MIA Symptoms But Many Many Bfns

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SarahLou0385 - April 4

I'm hoping for some advice or maybe someone's had similar problem in the past, but failing that some company while I rant a little at my frustrating boby's mixed signals would be awesome *grins* So basics: I normally have a 21 day cycle (short I know, but has been that way ever since I came off the pill 2 years ago), and AF has always arrived right on time (I'm talking practically to the hour, let alone the day), and always stays for 5 days (poss tmi ahead) requiring super heavy flow tampons for the duration. My last AF was 30 Jan-3 Feb, perfectly normal, on time etc. AF's next visits should have been 20th Feb, 13th Mar, and yesterday (3rd Apr), but what I got instead was 3 days pale pinky-red bleeding (way too little an amount and too thin and light to be AF) on 21 Feb, 2 days pinky discharge (only when I wiped) followed by 2 days light pinky-red spotting (not even enough for to fill a pad in total for both days) followed by 1 day of pinky brown discharge (only when wiping) from the 14-18 Mar, and now today only a tiny amount of pale pink/brownish pink discharge when I wipe this morning, gone this afternoon, when AF should have showed yesterday. On top of all that are the following possible symptoms (how many I'm noticing simply because I'm looking for them and how many are real remain to be seen, but some are definately real...): Bra size - gone from a B cup to a D cup in the last week and a half with no weight gain. Sore br___ts (achy, occasional sharp pains, sore/tender nipples). Cramps (slight, not painful, just achy) in lower abdomin and stomach. Absolutely exhausted (almost fell asleep over my parents' house this afternoon! I'm yawning constantly, and the only reason I'm not already asleep today is I can't stop wondering about this!). Achy lower back/hips. So freaking hungry (although my appet_te has fluctuated for other reasons previously so not sure on that one). Nausea for the last week and a half, enough to put me off tea today (and if there's one thing I really love it's my cups of tea :-( not happy!). If I was pregnant, then it would be from DTD on 5th Feb, which would put me at 8-ish weeks I believe? I know that's late to be getting bfns in general, but it's not unheard of from what I've read. Please don't tell me to test - I have had a dozen bfns over the last four weeks (all internet cheapy test strips, but I've been told they're as reliable as the more expensive ones more than once). I also visited my gp last week only to be told to come back at the end of this week if I had another 'abnormal cycle' and she'd do a urine test (because gee, I hadn't thought of peeing on a stick, doc, thanks! Uh sorry, bit frustrated! lol). Has anyone been in a similar situation, or known anyone who has? What was their outcome? Similar symptoms anyone? So frustrated with my body right now :-( Sarah x (BTW - if I was pregnant, while unplanned, it would be awesome! I just want to know one way or the other now - if I'm not why haven't I had a period for 3 cycles (2 months)? grrr my body!)


Grandpa Viv - April 5

Frustrating, yes! With a 21 day cycle, Feb 5th would have been on target. It would make you "10 weeks pregnant" now, as the docs add 2 weeks to the date of ovulation to track back to the theoretical date of the last missed period. We do sometimes read of pregnancies not giving a positive test until 12 weeks, but at this stage you should be pushing the doc to explain what else might be causing your signs. GL!



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