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Desperate for Answers - May 2

Ok here it goes; :last NORMAL AF was on 2/16...lasted full 7 days.. normal flow.. nothing different.. Here is where the strange c__p begins... 1 week after Feb AF came and went.. bbs began to hurt.. never stopped.. I have def went up in size.. no color change tho.. ok.. Mar af.. hmmm went from 3/16 - 3/ 20.... 2 day flow am only, lite rest of time. took hpt on 3/23 was Neg..bbs :still sore.. never stopped... tummy has grown.. cant suck it in.. hard when I do.. ok.. now af for apr was from 4/14-4/17 used a total of 4 pads thru entire af... (in fact I havent went thru a package of 24 since feb.. (I know odd lol) anyway.. on the 24th of April, I had a very odd white thick discharge.. but only in morn and when I wiped.. then from the 25th to now.. kinda milky looking and only when I wipe..Nipple are Very painful when touched...Specially at nite after I take bra off to put jammies on . BBS are still swollen.. that hasnt changed... I been breaking out.. and of course its after af.. Blue veins run from shoulder down around bbs.. ( just noticed that the nite b4 last) sometimes I get slightly nautious.. mainly if I get nervous, and its not enough to make me vomit. I get hungry and when I get something to eat, it doesnt set good with me.. I dont want it.. I have been VERY emotional.. the goofiest things set me off into crying. My nails seem to be growing seems oiler even the day after I shampoo, have no energy, but at same time, I get ansy.. oh yea.. and please dont take this offencively.. but b4 when DH and I would have intercourse, it would hurt, like he was hitting my cervix, now the past 1 month.. it hasnt hurt AT ALL.. almost like it moved lol very wierd.. will someone please tell me when to do.. when I took the hpt in Mar.. did I take it too soon? Should I wait to see how my af is this month? I am supposed to start on 5/13.. my cycle is every 30 days.. EXACTLY.. please please.. I need answers.. thank u


Desperate.....Contin - May 2

Also took another hpt on 4/18 sorry forgot to put that in.. thanks for listening


Audrey - May 2

Desperate- You seem to have a number of the early pregnancy symptoms. If you have not had a "normal" period since Feb. I suggest you see a doctor. Some women do have light periods even when they are pregnant.


e - May 2

I would go to the dr. and have a blood test done. good luck! keep us updated!


Desperate... - May 2

thank u all.. I am concerned tho.. thank u bunches



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