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Kritstin* - March 3

I am not sure where to post this Q... but this forum seems to be pretty active and for the most part friend so I'll ask anyway! I just found out I am pregnant and my husband and I have no insurance(our jobs don' t offer it). We can easily pay for it but I am not sure since I am already preggo will anyone cover me? Also what is good health insurance? I mean what companies... Can anyone help me? Anything will help... Like how can I tell if it is good maternity coverage? Please any advice will be welcome, and I am sorry this isn't this type of forum but I just am so worried!


Sorry - March 3

You have a prexisting condition. I do not think that any insurance will pick you up. Check your city for some a__sistance or call your local health dept. Congrats!


Kristin* - March 3

Sorry, Thanks for your answer. It is pretty much what I am afraid of. We definitely can not afford to have this baby without it. We weren't expecting this to happen, I mean I was on birth control. Otherwise this would be wonderful! Thanks again!


~m~ - March 3

Kristin, I agree with "sorry", I doubt insurance (Blue Cross etc) will pick you up for maternity coverage. However, if you are under a certain income level you can get Medicaid and they will pick you up..... unless you make too much. And I suspect you do since you said you can easily pay for it. I do have one suggestion. And it will all depend on what hospital/hospitals are in your area. But some hospitals are non-profit. Meaning, that if you apply for charitable write-off, depending on your income, they will do anything from write off the entire amount, to reduce it by a certain percentage. Outside of all of this, my only suggestion is setting up payment arrangements with your provider/hospital. Most of them are good to do that, and if you get the right one, they'll even ask you what amount you would like to pay every month. Good luck!


jb - March 3

do you have p.c.a.p. ? prenatel care a__sistance program... it will cover you and your covers everything,


Kristin - March 3

I do know that I don't qualify for medicaid or any type of program like that, our income is to high. (usually thats a good thing) I will definitely look into setting up payment plans since it seems like that is my only option so far! "jb" How would I find out about p.c.a.p in my area (oregon)? I have never heard of it? Thank you for all your help everyone... anymore would be very appreciated!


Grandpa Viv - March 3

Try Insurance coverage for pregnancy related items does not have to be prohibitively expensive. It's not like they are covering you for cancer and every other disease under the sun. What you need is something to keep expected costs in control, plus cover any of the unforseen eventualities.


Poppins - March 4

Hi Kristin. I was on private insurance in College. I think it was Aetna. Look online. Just do a search. I'm not sure about maternity benefits or pre-existing condition rules. I do remember that I chose not to have maternity coverage because it was ALOT more than basic coverage. Good luck.



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