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~~~Kat - June 13

Hey, heres the low down, very sore br___ts, dizzyness (sometimes I fall into stuff and have to catch myself) a very tingly feeling all over my body almost like a sunburn and a very hot feeling. I had unprotected s_x once 2 weeks ago the day after my period ended then last week unprotected again and just started getting symptoms and its weird i have never felt this way b4 especially my br___ts they really hurt! Took e.p.t. tests 2 of them said neg but it might be too early??? Im not due for my period for a little under 2 weeks do you think i should get a blood test or is it too early the suspense is killing me -----22 years old never felt this way b4 driving my husband nutty Please is anyone else going thru this??????


Maggie - June 13

Kat you definately tested to soon. You can try taking a first response 5 days before your period is due. I did that and got a very faint positive, I've tested everyday since and the positives have gotten stronger. It does sound like you are symptomatic so stay away from booze and smoking. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, and drink plenty of water. Best of Luck!


~~~kat - June 13

Maggie, Ty so much for the input hun!! But one last Question do you think i could go for a blood test now and get any results???


~~~kat - June 13

Anybody else??


hi - June 13

no, you should wait until your period is late.


~~~kat - June 13

is it possible to have sore swollen b___sts when youre only 2 weeks into pregnancy???


Grandpa Viv - June 13

You have a 33 day cycle or longer? Early signs can start at implantation, about a week after conception, which was more likely from s_x a week ago than two weeks ago. Wait for 3 weeks after that s_x before starting to test, hpt or blood. Signs come mostly from progesterone. A positive test comes from hCG - two different hormones that build up at different rates. Goodluck!


~~~kat - June 13

hey thanks viv this is good to hear guess im in for a little but of a wait which is killing me!


~~~kat - June 13

also are slight cramps a bad sign????



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