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Jackie 20 - January 26

Hello, I am 20/ married/5 month s_xually active/ trying to concieve for about 2 month. Now the story: My first day of my last menses was 24th of Dec. (Sexually active everyother day) On 11th I had white, with little blood discharge for 2-3 days. Then no discharge, then on the 19 the I started having from pinkish to dark brownish discharges. More than regular spottings, and much less than menses. Now, for a few days it spots only during the day, but when I go to the bathroom it goes like during menses... (but not that much) only when I go to the bathroom, and then spotting again. The color is brownish, or very very dark burgundy (sorry for spelling). I also had a few little blood clots. I went to Planned Parenthood-pregnancy test is neg.... they told me it could be implantation bleeding and too early to test, and that I need to come next week to check again. During all of this time I have nausea, dizziness, very tired, always sleepy, loss of appet_te, little cramps (like PMS cramps), br___t hurt, lower back pain. I am soooo confused and very worried.... Today I noticed I was feeling kind of weird and checked my temp... it was 99.1 Does this mean something? Could it be a miscariage? Pregnancy? OR what in the world is going on with me? I am praying that I am pragnant.... Please someone answer :) Thank YOU


candy - January 26

i myself have never had implantation bleeding but i dont think it should have clots....i would go to the dr to see.....ur symptons sound like a pregnancy but the rest im not sure....


Jackie 20 - January 26

Well I am going to see the doctor tommorow,but anyone else knows? My mom was feeling perfectly fine during pregnancy. Sometimes she didnt even know she was preg..., but only wanting to sleep. On the other hand my moms sister has much worse symptoms than I do when she is pregnant with all 3 kids... Anyone else?


ALICIA - January 27



Jackie 20 - February 2

Hello Again, I am back, anyway, I got my period (it is not heavy, and its ussually not) but I have blood clots.... What could it be? DO you girlz think I could have had a miscariage. I am waiting for my insurance... a few more weeks and I will be able to see the doctor. Would they be able to check me now if I have menses? Or is it better to wait until its gone! Please answer, thanks, Jackie


miranda - February 3

i just found out that i am pregnant...i wasnt ttc but i willing to accept responsibility. i had implantation bleeding on the week of conception....but you usually didnt get a positive test until at least 21 days after that...most people dont thats why we get so many negatives. you dont even begin to release hcg until 14 days after conception....and 7 days after that, is when there is enough hcg to be detected in a test. so if you think it was implantation ...count your days from the start and 21 days later....test on your 21st day and see what you get! baby dust to you!


miranda - February 3

also, when i had the impl bleeding, it only lasted for one day with light cramping on and clots and no mucus...just bright blood(excuse the graphics) it was very light and it didnt come back after that one day. it actually happened one week after my period thats how i knew it was impl bleeding because i am on the pill and that has never happened! since i remeber the dates i can calculate when i can get a positive test. my period also came while i am pregnant...but it only lasted two days on and off (im usually 3-5), and it was very light and day it came for two hours only...then went away and came back the next day for three hours...then it was gone for good. light cramps, no clots and it was also two days late.


to jackie - February 3

go to the doctor could possibly be a miscarriage!



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