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worriedsick - June 30

Hi. I'm 25 and my periods have always been irregular. My last normal period was around April 10th. My boyfriend and I had s_x soon after I'd finished (around the 15th). We used protection but the condom slipped & came off. I am not on bc. On May 10th, I went to the gyno for my yearly exam. I had her test me for preg (urine) because my lower abdomen had started to swell and I felt a weird kind of tightness and fullness in my stomach. The test was negative and my exam was fine. About a week later, I began to have indigestion like never in my life, including gas and constipation, and every time I ate I felt like I'd explode. Over the next couple weeks, I took several hpts of different brands & prices, and though each was neg, my bloating continued as well as the horrible indigestion. Btwn testing, I got what seemed like a period on May 22nd. It started off as normal, w/a reg amount of blood, but disappeared by the end of the same day (I only used one tampon), and the blood was very dark brownish red. The bloating in my belly, both what I felt and could see, did not leave after my bleeding on the 22nd, but instead has ever slightly been growing (I am normally a size 2 and have never seen my lower abdomen so stretched - my skirts are becoming tight!). On June 25th, I went for a blood test. It was negative, but I'm not convinced of the result because it wasn't sent to a lab and when the nurse showed me the test it looked similar to an hpt w/lines showing and such. For the past 10 days, my chest has been swelling to where my bras feel unbearably tight. Other preg symptoms I have include the blue veins on my chest, darkening nipples that seem to be getting wider, lots of clear discharge from down there, and an increasing appet_te. My main concern is my hard, swollen lower abdomen. When I stretch certain ways or lay on my stomach, I get shooting pains in the lowest region, and when I try to suck my tummy in, I still see a hard bulge right below my bellybutton that is a tad bit bigger on my left side. I am going back to the gyno on July 7th to have her feel around and to take another blood test. Should I ask for an ultrasound? How expensive are they? Will it be able to tell me for certain that I'm not preg, and if I'm not, does anyone know what could be going on? Oh, I've also had swelling in my extremities and my face, esp in the morning, for a week now, and I've been peeing more. I haven't had extreme moodiness or fatigue, but I have had a few fevers. I have not had any bleeding since May 22nd. At 10 weeks preg, how does the stomach look? Someone please help me sort this out! Any advice is much appreciated!


A - June 29

Id go back to the gyno and have a looksee...Id also pay for an ultrasound. If you're not pregnant, then you may ask your gyno if there are other issues that could be happening -- like a cyst on an ovary or something like that. I dont know much about etopic pregnancies either -- but your doctor certainly will.


dashly - June 29

the first time i got an ultrasound, it cost $65.00. i hope everything turns out fine, wish you the best of luck.


worriedsick - June 29

Thank you both. I will get an ultrasound.


sweetie - June 30

I agree with everyone else, you should get an ultra sound, espeially since you have not had a cycle in a while. At ten weeks pregnant, you would probuly not be showing that much but definately look bloated. Have you tried taking the home test with first morning urine? Sometimes if you drink alot of fluids throught the day, it could dilute the urine. Hope everything goes fine for you.



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