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staysee74 - September 2

I have a question. I have irregular periods and my boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x 3 weeks ago. the past few days my nipples have been extremely sore and I noticed the bumps around the ariola are bigger than usual. I also have been craving red meat and occasionally have a metallic taste in my mouth. Last but not least, I feel extremely bloated. I bought a home pregnancy test and took it after lunch, it came up negative. Do you know what else it could be or if the test could be wrong since it is so soon?


Grandpa Viv - September 2

It could still be too soon to test. I am imagining your unprotected s_x was Aug 14th, ovulation Aug 19th, and period would then have been due about now. Are you unusually tired but not sleeping well, peeing more often, with maybe some lotion discharge? Test again Sunday morning using first morning pee, and repeat a week later if still in doubt. Due date would be May 12. Good luck!


staysee74 - September 3

Grandpa Viv, Thanks for replying. It is quite scary that you knew the date of August 14th. :) As for the 19th ovulation date, how do you know? I don't have periods very often so it is hard for me to tell. I did notice a little discharge, but it is more clear. Is there any other reason for my soreness? Thank you.


Grandpa Viv - September 3

My guesses on the dates were based on your signs starting a few days ago, the negative test, and the "three weeks ago" which was a few days too long to be realistic. Google "Montgomery tubercles" for info on the areola bumps. The signs you give are pretty convincing - let us know more as they develop - heartburn, backache, emotions, short of breath, vivid dreams etc. Good luck with the tests!


staysee74 - September 3

Thanks Grandpa Viv, great advice! I have noticed some achiness in my joints and I have had some crazy dreams this week. I also have heartburn and feel bloated, but I do have Gerd, so it is hard to tell. I also have fibroid cysts in my b___st, so I just don't want to get too excited. :) I noticed this morning when I woke up to pee that there was a strong, strange smell, but it did not stink, nor did it smell like amonia. I remember the smell from when I went the first time after having my son. I know I should know since I've had a child but I didn't have any real signs other than I physically could not stomach alcohol and I couldn't b___ton my pants. When I found out, I was 6 weeks pregnant. I should also tell you that I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and was told I would never have a child on my own, but I did! :)



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