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jesse13185 - February 23

i have a question i got my last period on dec 23 and i had s_x with two guys first week of january. i had s_x on jan 5th with one guy and a diff guy i had s_x all week. i dont know who could be my babys father would you guys have any idea when i most likely ovulated?? or anything?????


Crystal B - February 24

Well, a reg 28 cycle is about 2 wks after your period. Since they were both in the same week its kindof hard to tell.If Dec 23 was your last period you will diff get a postive hpt by now if you were pregnat. Get a hpt and use first mouring pee. Good Luck and let us know how it comes out.


Lin - February 24

There's no way anyone here can tell you. It's impossible to know exactly when you ovulated, and anytime that week was likely to be your fertile time. All you can do is get a paternity test.


Patreasa_Mullen - February 24

Hi Jesse. The only thing i can tell you is to get a paternity test to see who the father is. if you had s_x with 2 dudes then it's a chance that one dudes sperm was still inside of you when you ovulated, even though you may have been with the other it would be difficult to say who's sperm caught your egg...i hope you find out, and good luck to you:)


Grandpa Viv - February 25

a__suming a 28 day cycle you would have ovulated Jan 6th, and Thursday Jan 5th would have been your most fertile day. I would put slightly higher money on the Jan 5th guy if the diff guy was entirely prior to that, and considerably more money on him if diff guy was entirely after Jan 8th.


spammy4145 - February 25

Hey Jesse, no offense but you have posted this question like 4 times. and you get the same answers everytime you are not going to get anything different. How are we supposed to know who your babys father is if you don't even know.. there is no way to tell until that baby is born. deal with the answers you are getting from everyone



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