Help Which One Do I Count 1st Or 2nd One

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sunshine - May 13

ok lets say your cycle is normally a 30 day cycle, and u start 12 days early.. ( light mind you) which one do u count.. the earlier one or the expected one


Grandpa Viv - May 13

Count for what? Spotting on Day 18 of a cycle might be implantation from s_x and ovulation around Day 11. Normal ovulation for you would be between Day 14 and 18. Maybe what you saw was unusual bleeding from follicle rupture at ovulation?


Mrs. M - May 13

If your period came 12 days early, you would count that as your period. Hope that helps


sunshine - May 13

so.. grandpa viv.. follicle rupture?? not implantation??? so the probability of pregnancy is nil or slim??? is that what your saying


hello - May 13

grampa can u please tell me.. since my af's were ALWAYS on a 30 day cycle.. should I NOW count 5-2 a normal af and take 30 days from there.. with the next expected af to be due on 6-2???? and the follicle thing.. does that mean I AM DEF not pregnant????


bump - May 14



help - May 14

DOES anyone know this or any ideas.. please help.. if I count the 13th then I am late


hi - May 14

i would count the 13th, because maybe like grandpa viv said you bled when you ovulated. how long were you bleeding for and what was the color? i have bled at ovulation before, becuase i had some tissue growing on one of my fallopian tubes.


sunshine - May 14

for 4 days,, it was alight (dark ) flow only in the morn, then brownish red spotting rest of time.. funny thing was b4 that started,, on the 25th I had thick white DC only in the morn and only when I wiped then it was clear from th 26th until the 1st.. (yea dh and I bd... 3x's on the 30th,, ) anyway.. I just wasnt sure if that meant possible pregnancy ( when Grandpaviv said that.. ) I dont undertsnat the follicle thing.. I didnt know if it meant.. nothing implantd or what.. Thanks for anything u can help me with.. ( btw if I was supposed to start normally yest.. nothing has happened yet.. thankx


b - May 14



help - May 15



sun - May 15

nevermind.. did a test this morn.. it was neg.. having pain in ovary like I am ovulating.. who the hell knows.. I give up



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