Help Are These Symptoms

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Suisse - January 23

okay I am totally unable to get a test for the next WEEK but I'm paniced! For the past few days, I've been really tired. and for the past WEEK I've had unexplainable ovary pains. never had these pains in my life before, not even during my period. I have been getting sporadic headaches that go away really quickly. And I rarely drink water, maybe 2 glasses a day. Well for the past 3 days I've been unreasonably thirsty. Like 10+ glasses a day, which of course results in lots of peeing. Help!


Grandpa Viv - January 23

Hmm! No details on exposure or cycle dates. If these signs started 14 days before AF is due, a cyst is probably responsible. If AF is due in the next few days, then tired, peeing and weird cramps could be a sign of pregnancy from s_x around Jan 10 and a test next Sunday morning first pee would have a good chance of telling the story. Good luck!


krissy2006 - January 23

Grandpa Viv is right if your normal cycles are 28 days. Why don't you go ahead and let us know how long your cycles normally are. When did you have unprotected s_x? do you know when/if you ovulated? When was your last period? Your symptoms could be early PG symptoms but can also be PMS symtoms!!! The extra thirsty should be checked out if it lasts for more than a week as it may be a sign of other conditions such as diabetes.


Suisse - January 24

My period is due like.. now! My cycle is pretty normal so I could easily just a__sume the extra water, weird cramping and headaches are due to this but I have never had these symptoms before. I've had headaches but these ones just show up suddenly and go away very soon after they show up. The ovary cramping, not to sound too gross, feels like I have had s_x with someone with a very large p___s except it hurts more upwards in my body than this would cause. It hasn't occured for a few days, but when it was occurring it was very painful and even had me saying no to s_x. (I did not have s_x for a week or so before the pain started) I haven't had s_x for two weeks, but before that it was fairly regular. We use condoms, but there was one time we did not and used the good old pull out method. Last night, I did not drink any water before bed and ended up waking up and going to the bathroom TWICE which is extremely unusual for me. Thank you guys so much for your help.



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