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JENN - November 7

I have every symptom of pregnancy. I tested today which is 7dpo and had a definite positive line then after 15 minutes or so it slowly disappeared. Anyone ever have this happen and find out the were pregnant????


To Jenn - November 7

Hi Jenn, I say don't panic, the preggy test box tells you not to read after 10min. Try another one and see how that one goes. Hope this helps.


Lynn - November 7

Hi Jenn. What kind of test were you using? Good luck!


JENN - November 7

I used First Response. There were 3 in the box the first two were negative and this was my last one. I used the other 2 last week. I don't know what to think.


Dia - November 7

Hi Jenn...maybe 7 dpo is too early? I didn't even have implantation until day 12 - I am now 9 weeks pregnant. I know that my first responses are still positive to this day...I think a "true" positive stays positive for at least 24 hours. Wait a couple more days and test again - don't get discouraged. I had negatives at 12 dpo and didn't get my BFP until day 15! Good luck!


JENN - November 7

Thank you! I will try to wait. It just seems so strange. Could it have been a false positive or just not enough HCG in my urine? Who know's it's so hard to wait.


GoriBilli - November 7

Hey Jenn its a sure +ve don,t believe in strips some times it gives that result, test after few days with First Response.... luck will be yours it will be BFP BFP BFP.... pa__s on baby dust....


Amanda - November 8

i don't want to get you down or anything but i had that exact thing happen to me last month with first response. i read the test results at the 3 min mark got so excited that it had finally happened and then i looked at it and noticed that it had started fading. within 5 minutes it was gone and i was like oh well a + is a +. that is what everyone says but i went to because i am an obsessive tester and it has information on opk's and hpt's and they said that first response and answer pregnancy tests have had complaints of disappearing positives and that they should be treated as negatives. the company says that a true + will stay for 48 hours. i suggest using a different brand. i hope that you are indeed pregnant but i don't have much trust in this brand. Goodluck.


test junkie - November 8

First response does have problems with false positives, but there are a couple of other issues. First of all, no pregnancy test should be read after 10 minutes. That is where you will start to see evaporation lines which are NOT positive results. If you don't get a positive result in five minutes, then it is negative. Secondly, 7dpo is WAY TOO EARLY to test. Implantation takes anywhere from 6 - 12 dpo, and then it takes four to five days to build up enough hormone in your urine for a hpt to detect. I know you want answers NOW, but seriously, don't waste your money. Wait until you are about 10 dpo to start testing again. I just got my BFP at 12dpo. When it is positive, you will know it is positive and it will stay on the stick for 24 hours or more. If it fades it is negative. Good luck.


Mandy - November 8

did you test again???


JENN - November 9

Yes! I did test again with accu clear, it it had a very faint pink line? Hope that it's a BFP. Anyone use accu clear tests before?


test junkie - November 9

If I were you I would get a clearblue digital. The results say either "pregnant" or "not pregnant". There is no guessing involved regarding faint lines. The answer is in black and white. I got two tests for 9.99 at wal-mart.



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