HELP Confused Pregnancy Symptoms But Bleeding

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Ashley - January 4

I have taken one test and it came up Negative... I had my last normal period Nov 19-23 then 20days later when I am suppose to get my next period on Dec 13th I got it about a day late first heavy then light and lighter for 3days...I've never had cramps but I got them then which isnt normal. The last time I had s_x was Dec 5th (me and my boyfriend are trying to get me pregnant). I have just about EVERY symptoms- I am sick- Everyday I dont feel well! Dizzy, headaches, I gained then loose weight, sometimes i can eat everything other times i am so hungry but cant eat anything.The Whole Nine of every symptom! For a while I really felt pregnant i've been pregnant before so I know what it feels like and I was so certain I was from having every symptom and feeling like I am...I am still feeling sick every day my next period is suppose to be Jan5th... but The very strange thing is that 3days before i am suppose to get my period I got a first brownish-pinkish now light red-pink blood I am spotting, I thought it was my period cuz I notice it when I peed But then I realize that it is just little spotting sometimes a tiny bit- Its been going on for 2 and a half days and tomorrow is when I my period should come. I took another test the day after the spotting started- it was Negative. What is goin on...what if my real period never comes- Am I pregnant? Can I please get some opinions, Thank You for your Help!!


Shelly - January 4

You sound like you really want to be pegnant but you're not, if the test is negative now then more than likely you are not... my tests showed up the DAY my period was sounds like a phantom pregnancy, sorry.


Grandpa Viv - January 4

This is strange timing. The 20 day cycle is a little confusing. Your current spotting fits the description of implantation spotting, but it is a month and a period since you had s_x. This kind of spotting normally is described before the first period is missed, but the literature suggests it can go on for some time. My suggestion is to think of the Dec 13th bleeding as "bleeding at period time during the first trimester" which occurs in 25% of pregnancies. It may happen again this week. I think perhaps you have some misconceptions about the Test. It looks at a hormone which rises from less than 5 to over 100,000, so if you get a negative you wait a few days and try again. You need to take another test now. Good luck!


kat - January 4

hi ashley,im in a simular situation,read my question,opinions needed.i dont think it sounds like phantom pregnancy,just coz we want to be pregnant i dont believe our periods would be lighter and shorter unless somethings going on in there! keep us posted :)


tara - January 4

ashley, i too have had weird things going on. I spotted for 5 days (1 week before my period was due) then on the 5th day i bled like it was a real period, then it was done in 2 days. My hubby and I have been TTC since Aug. I am going to the Dr to get checked, because this is very abnormal the nurse told me. If i were you I would definaltey get checked. Good Luck!



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