HELP Could I Be Pregnant Warning Kind Of Long

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crazylady21 - March 13

Okay, so here's just a little bit of a background: I'm 18 years old, and my period is always on schedule. Always. I get it sometime the last week of each month, or the first week of the next - it typically goes somewhere from, let's say, the 25th to the 5th, give or take. It lasts approx. 8-9 days. Well, my boyfriend and I have been having a lot of communication problems lately, and after a huge fight on March 2nd, I guess you could say we're taking a little break... but every day since I've been really depressed (even at some points contemplating suicide), constantly crying, hardly eating, really very emotional. Well, I recently got a little nervous when I didn't start my period last week, but it didn't occur to me until March 9th, and every day since I have been worried... I heard that stress could lead to a late period, but is it just late a couple of days, or is that month skipped completely??? I keep waiting each and every day, and I keep getting more and more worried... I've always been a really worrysome person, and sometimes when I get so worried, I make myself sick - vomiting, headaches, crying, pulling my hair out, fever, the whole nine yards. I haven't gotten to the point where I'm vomiting yet, but I feel like I have a constant headache, and thus sometimes feel warm... but when I look at the signs of being pregnant, some of them, I seem to fit. I was also wondering how likely it is that you can get pregnant without having s_x... you see, I can't remember the last time my boyfriend and I did it (the most recent time MIGHT have been the 28th), but when we do get "intimate," we don't have s_x - we're both virgins still - we basically just make-out naked. But still, we're naked, and our bodily fluids are in the same vacinity, so I was curious if they're really that talented at swimming, if you know what I mean? I mean, I heard that people can get pregnant through clothes, so I was curious on the probability in my circ_mstances? Sorry for the length... thanks for any help!


HeavenisMine - March 13

Unless he somehow you know...came..and it was near the opening of your v____a, chances are it's stress that is delaying your period. TRy and cheer up kiddo. God I hated when people told me that. I broke up with my fiance last year, and he was my best friend, so it sometimes got to me so much my periods were late. I am really sorry you have to go through this. You keep hanging in there!


DaBonkElsMe - March 13

The probability is very, extremely low. It could happen if his p___s was btween your legs and if you were very wet when he came and if you were ovulating or very close to ovulating at the time. So many factors have to be just right for pregnancy to have happened that it lowers your chances to almost none. Stress actually delays ovulation not really your period. But when your ovualtion is delayed, your period would be delayed too, since the time betwee ovulation and getting your period is always about the same every month. If you and your B/f have been struggling and you have been stressing out it is VERY likiely that you did not ovulate on time, or at all! You could skip a cycle! So if that is true your period would come later than usual, even to the point of seeming to skip a month completely. The symptoms youlisted could be symptoms of PMS and they could be symptoms of stress too. I know it's easy to get worried about pregnancy but you have to try and stay calm. If you do not get a period this month it is important for you to find out what is going on with your body. One month off is OK more than that could mean many things, pregnancy being the most obvious. If you are really scared try a home pregnancy test, they are pretty accurate. And hon, try not to let this guy have so much power over your emotions. You will be OK with or without him. It's normal and OK to be sad about a break up, but don't let it get to the extremes you are talking about here. Find a friend to talk to. I wish you luck. Let us know how things turn out for you!


crazylady21 - March 8

So, I thought I posted a reply to this thread, to let y'all know how I was doing, but I didn't! And I guess it's better late than never... I wasn't pregnant. And it wasn't the last time my period was late because of relationship stress (with him... I haven't seen anyone since). He kept dumping me every couple weeks until he had the guts to do it seriously, a good 6 months later. It's funny that I read both posts almost a year ago, and remembered vividly 99% of it... except for the, "you will be OK with or without him" section... I def. should have payed more attention. Thank you both, by the way.



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