Help I Am Going Crazy

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Jill - January 27

My period is about 2 weeks late. I have take hpt came back neg. I bought the ones you can do anytime of day. Am I pregnant? I feel bloated, tired, pee alot and i feel hungry and full all the time , lower back hurts and don't sleep well so am I what should i do give me something to go on.


trancy - January 27

hi Jill.....I know how u feel!!! Although I'm not late on my period (yet) but I also fill full all day long even if I hadn't ate anything!!! Crazy!!! It's possible you could be preg. I would take another test but of a different brand. I just have 3 more days till my period is due, so if it don't start I probably won't even test again! I really do believe I'm preg.......keep me posted =)


Patricia - January 27

I am also 2 weeks late and have many of the same symtpoms. I have taken three epts and the dr has done a blood test all neg., but still no period. Here's hoping!! Good Luck!!!


In The Same Boat - January 27

Hi Jill, I'm 3 weeks late. Last hpt test (last week) was neg. (Have taken several.. morning, noon and night!!!) I eat like there's no tomorrow. My b___sts ache so bad I want to scream. I think I'm having hot flashes at night. I guess I'm going to wait until I miss another period to test. I really don't know what else to do. Anyway, I'm with you girl. Hang in there and here's hoping for healthy babies!! Good Luck!


B'Lana - January 27

Jill, I feel just like you do! I am hungry but if the food is not just right, I start gagging so bad I have to run to the bathroom to throw up... today was better, I think I am developing methods to deal with it- I eat tiny ammounts every hour- that way even if I throw up, not much food comes out :) I feel your pain! By the way I tested negative a while ago... like 3-4 days ago... and peeing is getting progressively worse- from once in 3 hours I am down to once every 30 minutes... I hope that does not happen to you!!! Keep us posted about your symptoms and results :) Trancy, I am there with you, let us know if you get any signs of AF :) So far I had none... not the lsightest headache or cramp... Ladies, how are your moodswings? I tryed to by my husbands head off, but it wasn't tasty so I went for my mother's :)


Jill - January 28

Well ladies I took another hpt test this morning and NEG. I told my hubby and he said then call the doctor. I just got off the phone with the office and the I asked the nurse about the hpt and the urine test they take she said they are pretty much the same and suggest to wait to see if i miss my next period. because most women 's pregancy hormones are not strong enough to detect until 4 - 5 weeks on a hpt. I said but the test all say 4 - 5 earlier then the rest. But like she said even if you take it in the morning before the 4 -5 week time frame the hormones are not strong enough. so she has been a nurse and her hubby a obgyn for over 25 yrs and when i asked her what would you do if you where me. she said i would wait til you miss the nest month because by then you can do another hpt or come in. I asked her about a blood test and she said i could if i wanted but would not know the results for acouple days. ok ladies what do i do ? what would you all do if you where me?


jamie - February 10

i have had my period normal amount and normal length for the past three menses, but ive had this sinus type headache for the past couple days, and have been a little bit dizzy, could i possibly be pregnant


jb - February 10

you probably have a sinus infection.....your not pregnant if you have 3 normal periods...sinus infection will make you dizzy and you will probably need a antibiotic..


sammi - February 10

Ok so my last period was 16th dec iv had nothing since over the past few weeks i have experienced white slimy "stuff" in my underwear and when i wipe slight nausea peeing alot sore nipples some small little bloodveins on my b___sts and last night and tonight i have been experiencing stomach cramps and slight lower back ache i have never got back ache before when on my period or due to be could i be pregnant or does it sound like im going to get my period? the cramps only happen at night which is strange is this normal in pregnancy?


ta - February 10

sometimes when you stress it out then it makes it that much later. i would go to your doctor and have him do a blood test and examine you



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