HELP I Don T Know If I Am Pregnant

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E. - April 24

Hello, The last period I had was on March 23th. I'm only 19 and had a s_x with my boyfriend on the 25th, but while we had s_x without protection on March and all of sudden my va___a got swollen, and very diffcult to walk, my c_m was very white and thick. I did not know what it was and until when I went to the doctor (on the campus- Im at a college) on the 29th, on the same day I felt a bit of cramps, I was bleeding brownish and it kind messed with the c_m and it was like a liquid bleeding, On the same day I went to the doctor and told me that it was a yeast infection, but with brownish (right now, I have been thhinking if that was Implantation bleeding? while I had a yeast infection)-- By the way I am also late on my period. I ALWAYS have cramps a week before my period and until it came, I don't feel anything, and I really dont have any symbols, maybe i go to bathroom a bit often, but I'm not sure though. :?: UNGRET!!


e - April 24

Hello? sorry to have no patience. I truly need to know ya'll opnions. Thanks!


Grandpa Viv - April 24

A somewhat confused post. If the only time you had s_x in the last cycle was 2 days after your period started, it is very unlikely that you got pregnant at that time. Could you have got pregnant the previous cycle and had a bleed March 23 rather than a proper period? A yeast infection can easily flare up when v____al chemistry changes due to pregnancy. With no early signs (fatigue, intestinal upsets?) to go on other than a late period, your only recourse is to take a home test. You might hope for an accurate result already, but I would repeat next weekend to be sure. Good luck!


terriyanna - April 24

First come down. I'm 21 years old and hopefully you're not pregnant. You don't sound pregnant. Wait about another week and If you still feel you are pregnant take a home preg. test. If you would like to talk you can email me at



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