HELP I Need To Know If You Guys Think I M Pregnant

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Marieamb - February 12

Heres the deal...I'm 20 years old and I lost my virginity to my boyfriend a little over a month ago...we used a condom and it didnt break or anything and he didnt c_m in me. I'm a little over a week late on my period, but sometimes my period is irregular...not always on time, but i've had weird kinda pains in my stomach and my ribs have been hurting me on both sides....people say I could have pulled a muscle in my stomach and that could be the problem but my period is still late. Please tell me what you guys think cause I've been freaking out...I cant handle a baby right now


linda - February 12

if you used a condom then i would doubt that you would be pregnant. if you have irregular af anyone then try not to stress out...i am sure it will come!


midwifery_natalie - February 12

the stress you are experiencing cxan actually cause a period to be late or missed, try to relax. if no s____n contact was inside your v____a i doubt very highly that you are pregnant. just relax. if you miss your period completely (over two weeks late) then wait for the next,. if that doesnt come either then gto to your doctor. but i guarentee its your stress thats making you late


Marieamb - February 13

I'm trying not to stress out but its kinda hard not too...I need to just go take a pregnancy test and get it over with..but the only symptom I have is my period being late.


* - February 13

You used a condom, it didn't break, and he didn't come in could you be pregnant? I know sometimes the anxiety can get to someone but with everything you just said it is basically impossible. Have fun, be safe and don't stress!


j - February 13

take a test. i can almost guarantee you it is negative. it is MUCH harder than you ever would imagine to get pregnany, seriously. get on birth control pills and use a condom, and then you won't worry.


Marieamb - February 13

Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it:)



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