Help I Think I Have A Faint BFP

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fruitloops - February 10

I am 7DPO and was going crazy during the 2ww, so I tested this afternoon and saw a faint BFP. I didn't believe but my partner saw it as well. I tested again soon after with a different HPT but did not see a line this time. Could it be a evap line, however it was blue just like the control line? Pls anyone give me some words of encouragment!!!!!!!!!


KeiraYvette - February 10

maybe give it a couple of days and try again.. or get one of the early prediction ones! how long til your due?


fruitloops - February 10

I am due on the 17th, I have bought enough HPT's to kill an army. I'll test tomorrow morn, hopefully that will show a clearer line. I am just hoping it's not an evap line, I don't know how to tell the difference!


MammaJL - February 10

Hey Fruitloops... If you used different brands of hpt's they could have different sensativities...and as far as the evap lines I think I saw what they look like last cycle.. I thought I saw a very very faint bfp, obviously I'm not prego so it must have been an evap line. I was using a Dollar store test. Let us know if you test again this morning.. Good Luck and *~*~ToNz & ToNz Of BaBy DuSt~*~*


jessicaspatherapist - February 10

evap lines don't have color.....i would bet that your pregnant!!!! i got a faint bfp at 8dpo and a clear one at 9dpo with a dollartree test....let us know!!!!


fruitloops - February 11

Hi girls, I'm still confused!! My test from the other day shows a clear faint blueish line (It got darker as it dryed). This mornings test you can barely see a line at all, however there is one there as my parnter confirmed it, I do mean barely there though you really have to squint in good light! (It's the type of line that you doubt is there) I thought testing in the morning would make the hCG levels stronger. They were the same brand tests (just cheap ones). I know I just have to wait and test again, it's just frustrating. Thanks for posting guys!


DownbutnotOUT - February 11

hey I had a faint faint barely there + at 9 dpo and I waited 2 ays till 11dpo and got my BFP!!! The HCG level can still be two low for alot of the tests pick HCG at 20 + and being 7 dpo and getting anything is very encouraging. i know its hard but wait 2 days and test with FMU and if it really is a line you are seeing than definatly 2 days will give you your definate BFP. good luck


frozenfeet - February 12

Hi fruitloops! 7 dpo is so early to be seeing lines...that's so great! If it has color and showed up in the time frame, I'd say that it is not an evap line. I'd keep testing for sure...hope that line gets darker and darker....keep us posted and ****sticky baby dust to you*****


fruitloops - February 13

Hey guys, thanks for your posts! Well I tested yesterday, and the test was negative. I think what I saw was an evap line. I'm still holding out hope though, AF is due in 4 days, I guess I'll just have to wait and see!!!! I'll keep you posted!


MammaJL - February 13

Good luck FruitLoops! *~*~ToNz Of BaBy DuSt~*~*



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