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mannyswife03 - March 22

ok i dont know what else to do..... me and hubby have been bd'ing since the 14th. my lmp was 3/11....we've been bd'ing morning and night. i dont know when im o'ing since this is the first month ttc. i had a m/c last april and havent tried since then. but last night and tonight i became real dry during s_x and it hurt. i was wet but then got dry real quick after a few mins. whats wrong??? and i was getting sharp pains in my hair line im getting like o'ing pains on and off.....i took a ovulation test tonight and i aint o'ing....HELP......are we maybe bd'ing to much that its causin me to hurt??? ? help


BeckyBunny - March 22

by the x's on your chart, you are BDing twice a day, right? That is definitely too much. Once a day is fine as long as your DH has no sperm problems. Most people experience dry patches in between AF and O. BD'ing more than once a day will make it so that the sperm never have a chance to regenerate properly. It's best to go every other day until you get fertile CM (watery or eggwhite) and/or a positive OPK, then BD once a day. How long are your cycles usually? Are they regular? If you BD so much just because you have a really high s_x drive...well, if it's any consolation, you can do it as much as you want once you get pregnant. LOL! No schedules no restrictions. I'm 11w today and considered high risk, we BD like...well...bunnies(in the last couple weeks anyway), and have had no problems. ;-)


Jezebel - March 22

LOLLL no wonder you 'dried' up, you are having way too much s_x!! my dr just told me thursday...s_x every other day starting cycle day 7. this gives the sperm time to build up...and in your case, give the v____a time to recover from rug burn. :) if i repeated what beckybunny said i apologize, i didnt read the reply.


MelissaP - March 22

How long are your cycles mannyswife? If you are regular, then you can somewhat guess your ovulation by counting back 14 days from your expected period. I would definitely have s_x in the days leading up to and after the guessed O date just to be sure all your bases are covered. I think having s_x every other day is good, or if you must, once a day is good too. Twice is pushing it and can make you raw and uncomfortable down south. Make sure you have some good lube or ky on hand. It works wonders! Oh, and you should really get into temping. Taking your temp starting cycle day 1 will help u determine your O date.



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