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n/a - May 10

ok its been 17days since 'possible conception' i took a pregnancy test today and its negative but im still so scared. i have so many symptons... : enlarged abdomen weight gain enlarged breats br___t tenderness frequent urination nausea, (no vomiting) fatigue i have a cold but maybe it could have somehting to do with that too, i have a stuffy/ runny nose and headaches off and on but no fever. bloating and i really feel like i am. im really scared and the negative result didnt help a lot to sooth my nerves... i had my period last week but ive been reading and its supposedly commen to bleed during pregnancy. i also have a really irregular period so i dont kno for sure when ill have it next and so i cant really take the test on the first day of my missed period. i dont kno if i should count that one as a period. the box on the home pregnancy test said that if u dont kno when ur period to take it no less than 19 days after possible conception. so im going to retake the test in a couple days... i just am so scared and worried i need some answers now.. please help.


AD - May 10

If you had your period the chances of you being pregnant are not very high. I know some women bleed in pregnancy but not usually like a normal period. As you say the symptoms could be due to other causes. If I were you I would either see a doctor and get a blood test to check if you are pregnant or wait and see if you get your next period. It's not clear whether you are hoping to be pregnant or not but if you are then I do hope it turns out that you are. It must be hard to be unsure about things I hope it becomes clear soon.


question girl - May 12

no i DONT want to b pregnant. sorry if that wasnt clear but yeah NO. ok today is the 19th day since 'possible conception'. i took the home pregnancy test again today and it said not pregnant. but somehow i cant get over this nawing stressfull feeling that i am. my abdomen never gets enlarged i never get bloated even during pms and my period i just dont thats y this is so weird. and of course all the other reasons listed above. i could have food poisoning, thats the only other thing hta tmakes sence cuz ive been having these piercing cramps and abdominal pains that hurt like crazy and usually last for awhile. thank u for ur answer, ur help ... helped.



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