Help Me ASAP This Is Killing Me

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whitney - April 28

ok so here is the deal..i do not want to be pregnant at all, i am 18 and about to graduate high school. i had s_x on spring break, i am on birth control but i messed up and missed like 2 pills i think and so i started my period the day after i had s_x and i had it for a full week and then after that i was normal again and didnt have it and then i missed a couple of pills again and started my period about a week and a half early, but now it is time for my period and i am not having it. do you think i have just totally messed up my birth control and that is making it not come or that i could be pregnant? i know you cant know for sure unless i take a test but still. thanks


Maria - April 28

I will tell you that I got pg. with my first child on birth control pills, I also missed 2 pills in a row. I wish I could remember more about what happened, with my cycle that month. I do know that my period didn't start on time. Are you having any symptoms? I hope that you're not, but you need to test. Sorry I couldn't be more help to you.


to whitney - April 29

buy condoms and use them with the pill if you forget to take them you are doubly protected. You shouldnt be having s_x at your age anyways your too young and obviously not mature enough to handle the pill in a responsible manner


To Whitney - April 29

Listen...if you miss a couple of pills, that can cause you to be irregular, and possibly miss or be late. Don't worry to much, that happend to me. You can get pg on the pills by missing but I think you are ok. If you are worried, take a home pg test. But I honestly think you are ok. Just relax cause stress will also make you late. Good Luck and let us know how it goes!


melody - April 29

To the " to whitney" , she's eighteen years old, and Im sure, she's very mature....You trying to tell me you have NEVER missed a pill ever !!!! Please!!! If you don't have anything possitive to say to her, then keep you mouth shut !!!!!!! Anyways.....Whitney, Im sure your just stressed out and that's why your late...If you that worried then take a test..Do you have any symptoms? Take care


Rainbow - April 29

If you haven't had s_x since 'you got a period the day after intercourse' then I wouldn't worry. The pill reacts to 'on/off' taking, it really needs to be taken regularly, or it can mess with your cycle. (Like you can see it doing now.) Maybe you could discuss other prevention with your gyno? The pill is great at preventing but not so great when you forget it. :-)


Heather - April 29

Whitney - Don't stress too much about it. If you have had 2 periods since you has s_x & are not having now when you are suppose to you probably did in fact just mess up your cycle. Remember... Birth control forces your cycle to be 28 days. A lot of women are not 28 cycle women. If you miss a pill or 2 and you are not a 28 day'er than it's just your body taking the opportunity to break away from the forced cycle. I would take a test for peace of mind. Good luck! Oh & pay no attention to the negative comments. Some people think they are perfect & love to criticize.


Lynn - April 29

I missed 3 pills in a row, I am now 2 days late for af, I've had a lot of symptoms too. My nipples still hurt and I have been getting alot of those bumps on the areola, should I be worried?


Audrey - April 29

Lynn- I think you should be worried. Sore b___sts and the little bumps that you see are signs of pregnancy. If you have missed a period, try a home pg test. If it's positive you need to stop taking the pills immediately and decide where to go from there. Best of luck!



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