Help Me Im Really Scared

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amanda - May 16

i havent had my period for 3 months now. how long after you get pregnant do you start gaining weight and look pregnant? im only 14 and i made a BIG mistake and i have no one to talk to about this..please help me


here to help and care - April 12

if u havent had ur period for 3 months id say get a pregnancy test honey. my mum started showing at 2months but diff people show at diff times- my friends mum didnt show til she was 5months! good luck, smile, though ino its hard, :)


Babydoll98 - April 14

Amanda, You really should get a home test and take it..if you are pregnant you need to begin your medical care as soon as possible. For both your sake and the (possible) babies. Good Luck sweetie.


Tanya - April 16

I think that if you are not pregnant then you would have had your period by now. Don't worry, i am only 16, and am going through the exact same thing.


here to help as well - April 23

like the others I say you should get yourself a pregnancy test.I started to look pregnant by the 5 month. Everyone is different. Another thing, don't sweat it cuz maybe youre not and youre stressing will start to feel the symptoms of pregnancy( your mind thinks it cuz ur stressing it so much) Just find out first...dont be scared, and talk to your mom about it.k.


ara - April 23

First talk to your mom about what is happening with you.This is the time you needed her most.Whatever happen she's the one who will be your strength.You should try home pregnancy test.


DONT WORRY! - April 23

i feel like you but the only difference is that i haven't had my period for a week i mean i dont know if i have something to worry about or not!!! but believe me i am scared to!


ExoScared - May 16

I'm scared that I'm pregnant too... but I had my period in the time period that I would have gotten pregnant I do believe... I started having s_x in February. I'm really worried though. I don't ever have a regular period anyway though. Do you gain fat as well when you are pregnant, or just a circular "bubble" when you are pregnant, because my stomach has gotten bigger but i have also been eating alot... so i'm really not sure at all... i'm scared though... really scared



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